My First Review On My Own Blog!!!

Hello guys!!

I’m super excited to share my view on the book which I finished reading just today morning. So I thought I might as well tell the world about it!!

So here comes the amazing book I said about:

Sora’s Quest (The Cat’s eye chronicles)

Author:  T. L. Shreffler

Publisher: The Runaway Pen.

Genre: Young-adult, Fantasy

Here goes the story of a noble born girl named Sora Fallcrest, the only heir to the Fallcrest lands. She is rich, beautiful, naive and caged. She wants to live her own life, find freedom and explore the lands. Now, now the cliche ends here.

On the day of her birthday she is to perform her blooming, which is the ceremony in honor of the Goddess of the Wind. But little did she know, that life as she knew it was going to change very quickly, in a matter of few seconds! Yes, one moment she is on the stage dancing, the next she trips and as the cherry on the top, her hateful father is assassinated. But then she wasn’t given a moment to mourn when the assassin kidnaps her and suddenly she has all the freedom in the world but is captive of the same assassin who took her father’s life.

Her life takes on a new set of companions as she is dragged across her estate by the assassin and his companion who are actually running away from the horrible blood mage called Volcarian who is after them for revenge. But only Sora can save the lives of theses runaways using the most powerful shield against magic known to man-kind, The Cat’s eye. So this begins the journey of the unlikely gang to cross the most fearsome place, The Fennbog swamp. It is rumored to be filled with magic, dangerous creatures and nobody who has entered it has returned alive.

But Sora needs some motivation and here comes the biggest blow to her yet- She is named the murderer of her father and is wanted by the Crown and the royal army!! She is rescued by the assassin and thus they begin their journey through the land of the magic, danger and killers!!

The book is an amazing read and is definitely worth the time spent reading it. It would take nearly four hours to finish reading as once you go through the first few chapters you will not let it down for any amount of gold in the world.

The book is amazing not only because it has an excellent plot or is so unique {both of which are true} but also due to the transformation each of the characters undergo leading you to love them and relate to them. The author has brought such depth to the characters and has made them so perfect. She has layered imperfections within their characterization so that they seem real and perfect.

Five reasons as to why you should read Sora’s Quest:

  1. It is a free ebook on Amazon{What more motivation do you want??}
  2. It has a shy noble girl to start with who becomes a confident, strong woman in the end whom you will come to respect.
  3. There is a handsome, super fast, super stealthy and cold blooded killer assassin, who is running from a mage, who also undergoes a lot of transformation in the end.
  4. There is action, less romance, more adventure, realizations, magic, friendship, death, blood, spirits, cute cunning Wolfies, and reunions.
  5. There is happiness and then there are situation where you cry bitterly{or at least feel the loss of a friend}.

Quote from this book:

It is what we are his mentor had taught. The unseen tempest. The impartial earthquake. Death didn’t judge. Neither did he”.

“his heart had just stopped. What had she said? Her last words? Not a heroic speech or the desperate promises of a fading friend. No, she had said her thoughts plainly, directly, and yet they changed everything. This girl— this spoiled, rich, infuriating girl— had given her life for his. She had saved him.”

Shreffler, T. L. (2013-11-20). Sora’s Quest (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles) (p. 319). The Runaway Pen. Kindle Edition.

Link to the book in Amazon: Sora’s Quest

While reading the last part I was listening to a music which enhanced my reading experience. Do check this this out and how it feels with the words that create magic :music

Do check it out and let me know about your opinions!!

Disclaimer: The music and the book are my choices. I do not own the music. Neither was I approached by them to be included in this review.


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