The Storyteller’s Book

The book on today’s review is The Storyteller’s book by Kevin Fleming.
Genre: Sci-Fi; Young adult.
Rating: 4/5.
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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
If I were to define this book in one sentence, then I’d do it with a quote from this book :
“Words are powerful here, said at the right time, in the right way, you can make people do whatever you want.” -Melandra Wiggs.The story is about Nicholas and Melandra, two fourteen year old twins, who were leading normal human lives until an unfortunate encounter with a hooded man. Weird stuff start to happen around them and within few days, their life is completely changed. They enter a new place called Midway and that’s the place where even more crazy, unbelievable things happen. They learn a lot of things of which one thing that I found absolutely wonderful was how adversities are required to bring balance to human life. No this is not a spiritual, self help book, but this is one of those books that gives a meaningful moral at the end of the story.My experience reading this book was rather mixed. At the beginning I was very much confused, nearly as much as Mel and Nick. Also another major confusion was that I thought this was a sci-fi fantasy but suddenly I was reading about angels and ground demons. But as I went on reading, I got my answers solved. Also somewhere the story completely hooked me into it.

The best part of the story is it’s plot. It is so beautiful once you get to know the characters and find yourself discovering the story. There are times where you can guess where the story is heading to and then you get surprised. Sometimes the story seems slow but that’s the beauty of it. The story is waiting to capture you.

About the characters, there is a lot to say. Nicholas and Melandra and very amazing kids. They may seem similar but they are very much different when faced with difficult situations. There is aunt Enid and other supporting characters who play major role in guiding our twins. Lord Roth is noteworthy because he reminded me of Severus Snape from Harry Potter. I have a soft corner for him. Last but not the least Celeste! The angel who confused me a lot. She is also the one who solves all the confusions. Enough before I start telling out the plot.

To make the experience much more amazing hear it along with this music:

2 hours epic music

All together this is a good book and a wonderful story. Do not judge before you read it through, because the wait to the end is well worth it!!


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