The Mines of Kothkish{Midway chronicles book 2}

Cold mornings call for hot cup of coffee and a very interesting book. So which book could cut the mark if not for the second in series of the Midway Chronicles!!

Book: The Mines of Kothkish [Midway chronicles #2]

Author: Kevin Fleming

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mines of koth

I received this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Mines Of Kothkish is the second in series of the midway chronicles. This story continues with the adventure of Nicholas and Melandra Wiggs, the fourteen year old twins with the shreen origin. But this time their adventure is rather grave as it involves Sebastian, Celeste’s brother, who is kidnapped by an evil group called Malum-Atra, to bring a new pathway similar to Midway into existence. This would enable them to create an alternate path for all miscreants without any restriction. Which means the impending danger to the human kind looms over their head. This time again, the twins are put up against time and difficulties that they have to overcome to save everything they hold dear.

There is a general opinion that second book in any series will not be as good as the first, but considering this book it is totally false. The Mines of Kothkish was better than the first as this story involves more adventure, action and imagination. Certain scenarios in book like the rise of Kothkish left me holding my breath. I had a hard time reading as I didn’t want the book to end but at the same time wanted to know what happened in the end. The story kept me hooked from beginning to end with its magical words. I truly loved the way the author has painted the picture of the mine with words.

The characters are all same except for few. Starting with Sebastian. I was a little disappointed about his character because from the start to nearly the end he was trapped and I couldn’t know more about him. I hope the next book will bring him in. This book also made me like Samuel and Whelan. They had an integral part in setting the chain of events in motion. Also this time there were a lot of evil characters but none of them made as impact as Malum-Atra together did. I liked the fact that even evil was understanding the power of team work. This shows that the bad guys are not stupid and are enhancing their approach. There were few characters that I want to give special appreciation to -Axion Pettifer. He is one of a kind bad guy who knew his orders but well was a little stupid compared to Mel. Glynwidden- Protector of Lodge; He plays a very important role in helping the twins and he is a very fun character. If you ever want to lay traps to people in your home, do contact him. Last but not the least – Elaine. She is someone I had thought crazy in the first book but I was totally wrong. She is the reason many good things happen in the book.

This book was so good that it should come with a warning that Do-Not-Read-Until-You-Have-Finished-Rest-Of-Your-Chores! I couldn’t stop reading once I started. So here is a quote that tells about the state it will leave you after you read this book :

“For ever let me soak in all the wonders,
Of glowing caverns and gleaming walls of stone.
Never would I tire of this bright treasure,
If only this could be forever home.”
– The Mines Of Kothkish.


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