Warlords Of Shreen{Midway Chronicles #3}

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Name: Warlords of Shreen

Author: Kevin Fleming

Available in: Amazon


“History will change”- Nicholas Wiggs.
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Warlords of Shreen is the third book in the series of The Midway Chronicles.
Melandra and Nicholas Wiggs have yet another adventure waiting for them when Rufus the story teller brings the grave news about the disappearance of the collectors trapping the three Warlords of shreen. But this time around their quest is funded by the memory of Midway and dreams and the past that shapes the future yet to be told. The quest becomes crazy when humans, so called vampires, characters of a story and the judges get involved changing the course of life of concerning people. But that’s not the only thing that opposes our twins from stopping the Malum-Atra, there is story within a story, an enemy within a friend and a friend within a family. So again the race against the time begins and this time around the war is full out and on!!

Out of the three books this is my second favorite! That’s because, this book is super fast paced, action and emotion packed and the plot is so so good that it keeps one hooked from first page to last page and leaves you with so much sadness once the story gets over!! This book is so much awesome considering that it involves the past, present and future and the manipulations of Rufus and Malvern in the sequence of events. It shows how one event triggers the other and thus a story takes its own course. The power packed action, the vibrant story and scenery description makes the story feel so real and just wonderful!!

The writing style is the highlight of this book. The sequence in which the story comes together bringing in an absolute picture,leaves one spell bound. It retains the suspense till the end and is totally worth the breath-holding and reading to climax as though life depends on it (Actually it does!).

The characters of the twins have developed so well, but I felt as though Mel was becoming a little haughty at the beginning but that impression quickly faded away. But somewhere I have this thought that she might end up supporting Dark Shadows some day, only the author knows. I was very confused about Delvin and Brienna and once I reached the center of the story I was totally knocked off! There is special mention going out to Dora- she is an amazing person, I couldn’t go through half of the pain she must have felt all her life! The Bexley family- I’m sorry that they were used by the powerful to decide the outcome of never ending war. I felt so heartbroken when Cornellia tells Nick the consequences she has to live with because two men decided to have love-hate relation with humans. It was heart touching. Another incident that gave the same effect was the war. It sends out a meaning about how essential peace is to a civilization and its progress.
Extremely important mention- Malvren- The best villain to have made the entry into the story so far!!! His character was the perfect villain! not some dummy guy with brainless antiques trying to do things desperately. He had his visions and his reasons and I do agree with him, we humans are becoming very very powerful! Secret affectionate thanks to Rufus’s grandson- I never realized that not having a name can help out so much! But how do I call you when we are in a crowd?

Overall this book is just soooooo amazing!!! I don’t think anyone can stop me from reading it again and again!!


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