Carnival Of the Otherworld{Midway Chronicles #4}

***Drum Rolls***

Let the end of the series of amazing books begin!!!

Here comes the last but not the least book from the amazing series of Sci-Fi books, The Midway Chronicles- Carnival of The Otherworld by Kevin Fleming.

Star rating 5/5!

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carnival of other world

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
“Is the egg first or the hen?”

Carnival of the Otherworld is the fourth and the grand finale to Chronicles of Midway. This is once again the journey of, Nicholas and Melandra Wiggs to complete their destiny in Midway. This time they are up against Natasha Moon, evil sidekick of Malvern of Malum-Atra. She is on a different level of her own, on the scale of evilness, as she brings together a well planned team of innocent people with amazing gifts and dark shadows to do her bidding. She hunts down the secrets of Midway so as to expose it’s true form to the humans in the name of invaders causing destruction, on a grand event called the Carnival of the otherworld being held in the village of Little Meesden as a part of the three village festival. This is just the tip of iceberg as she has the judges at her beck and call and unlimited access to all power! Even the council members and the angels of Shreen are no match for her. The race against time begins to the twins once again as the Midway starts coming to life and brings out its last line of defense to protect itself from the onslaught of angered humans, who are in their opinion trying to protect themselves from the alien invaders!! To add to all of theses, Mel turns to the dark shadows and starts assisting Natasha Moon!!! Read through to find out what happens when the characters from past three books make a reappearance to conclude the best days of Midway!!!

There is so much to tell about this that I don’t know where to start from! I just fell into the story and I had to stop reading at so many points where the plot twisted and turned to unbelievable levels. There were moments I wanted to punch Dora and Carla , and then there were moments where I wanted to hug all the characters and bade the farewell. I ended up crying at the end of the book!! It broke my heart the adventures had come to an end but it was so good the it seemed like the most perfect ending it can be brought to.

The writing is just as amazing as it always was as the author has brought the best of the first three books to the plot here. Hat’s off to the creative level! The plot is changing in a measured pace and the suspense is mixed with wonder keeping the reader in awe of the story. You can as hard as you can but you wouldn’t be able to guess the climax and even if you did, you couldn’t stop reading! The story has an amazing way of keeping you hooked!!

The characters are all the people you have come to love and hate. There is new found relation between Lord Roth and the twins, they have new cousins, they have a new enemy and this time enemy is super smart. There is Carla, the poor girl who got caught up with Midway, Dora, the girl who got cursed, Elaine the girl who is confused, Samuel and Whelan, the vampiric boys. This time all secrets are revealed, all people are brought before the Midway and everyone takes their respective roles in bring the end of times. There are reunions and goodbyes. So some of the characters are so well developed that you could feel their pain, their sorrow and their innocence. You can feel the wickedness of Moon and Malvern but at the end everything is justified. There is so much anticipation and fear and joy and well, it’s overwhelming!!

Special recognition goes to 1. Melandra Wiggs: This girl can make up to be the best actress of all times. But i felt the pain she did when she realized few people had to suffer a lot because of her childishness.
2. Benjamin Wiggs: till now I never gave a second thought to this nameless boy who was there to help our twins on many occasions. I was reading the last chapter and it was like I knew him this moment and the next moment POOF! I don’t know him! I hadn’t even expected him to be there!
3. Glynwidden: He is the reason you get frustrated within the pages about knowing a secret! He sure knows how to protect a secret!
4. Sebastian in Celeste: I was so worried about them all the way till the end. When they finally leave I couldn’t stop the tears!
5.Natasha Moon: I love her so much!!! She is one super mind but is in the wrong company. But things were supposed to happen the way they were and she did a spectacular work of it!. If Malvern hadn’t been an idiot she would have partied after the destruction of Midway! Kudos to her extensive planning! [someday I wish to cross a road as she does in the book!].
6. Nick: I felt so bad for you each and every moment where you had to worry about your sister. But then what has to be done will be done!
7. Brienna: This book wouldn’t be as beautiful if it wasn’t for Brienna’s smart mouth thoughtfulness!
8. Ex-custodians of Midway: They scared me for a moment when I thought that all hope was lost!
9. Last but not the least: Humans who were manipulated by shreen for their joy. They fear you because they haven’t understood you yet!

The ending was the most perfect as it brings us back to the beginning where time is just a notion to go about with life. There are good days and bad days but ultimately life starts over again on a new day!! As Rufus said “Best plans always make themselves”, the best stories always remain in the minds!! So much has passed since being introduced to the story teller’s book that it seems surreal when everything runs its course and reaches the end leaving you sad and happy at the same time. This story does that and a lot more!!


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