1000 Kilograms of Goa

What can be more appealing than a vacation on the Party Paradise beach in India? Of course a gang of friends and an adventure to go with it! Here is the book by an Indian author  Rohan Govenkar, who brings out adventure with some really good authentic Indian twists in the book

1000 Kilograms Of Goa!


First of all congratulations to the author for his amazing debut novel which is so so good and has made quite an impression on the readers!

I won this book at Goodreads giveaway. And this also the very first book that I have ever won. I received this book today and I haven’t been able to keep it down!! It’s that amazing.

My copy!!

I cannot summarize this book in my own words as each time I try, I feel as though I’m doing injustice to this book. So here is the description from the author himself:

Seven years after they last met in college, four best friends set out for a reunion holiday to Goa. Strange but alluring circumstances compel them to break the stereotype of a beach vacation and let themselves wild.
Instead of treasuring memories, they memorize treasure-maps. Instead of scoring keys, they duplicate keys. Instead of haunting discotheques, they break into haunted-like houses. Instead of partying at EDM festivals, they gatecrash birthday parties. Instead of hitting on random hot women, they grow into subjects of hot pursuit. De-stress becomes distress, and their jolly vacation transforms itself into a cabaret of headless chickens.
What motivates them to let adrenaline shoot to potent levels? What inspires them to act in a manner they’d term insane in their otherwise normal worlds? Is it a fair gamble or just another wild goose chase? Or is it really a goose that lays the golden eggs?

My take on this story:

The story revolves around a friendly reunion, which turns out to a wonderful adventure. Four friends, one sister of a friend and one girlfriend of a friend get their share of drama, adventure, spicy mix of humor, love and shocking revelations. As the title suggests you pick this book up and it’s impossible to let it down until you get the “1000 kilograms of Goa”. The things which I loved the most were the plot twists, dry humor and wonderful thoughts that make a reader feel the essence of Goa and the ideals of a human. This book not only gives the much required “complimentary ticket to Goa”, but also a very happy, satisfied and mind boggling thoughts as return gifts.
If you haven’t read it yet, then definitely your loss.
Special thanks to Rohan Govenkar. I thought you sent a book, but I received a holiday package without the travelling hassle!


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