The Heart Of Ice

Now for the second time today I come back with a book that is really amazing but a tad less entertainer as this book is more of a journey than an adventure.

Name: The Heart of Ice 

Author: Sibelle Stone

Publisher: Books To Go Now

Star Rating: 3.7/5

heart of stone

Description and My thoughts on it:

I received this book long back by netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

Well my first impression was: “Why the hell hadn’t I read this book soon?!”
This book is the not so traditional tale of the know-it-all powerful guy[Grayson Thorne] who is need of a governess to discipline his two notorious children with a reputation of sending off governesses is well known. He cannot remain distracted as he is approaching his deadline to create a way to convert geothermal energy into electricity. Then comes the beautiful, imaginative and smart, Lucinda Stafford who wants to stay in Iceland and discover its beauty by being independent. She defies her parent’s request to return back to New York and marry some guy. But one big hurdle awaits her path- she is inexperienced and she is madly attracted to Mr. Thorne. It’s the same case with Grayson himself.

But unlike a conventional romance theirs is a avoid-or-argue story. But they both compromise only on one thing- Mair and Neils, Thorne’s darling children. That’s the wonderful highlight of the story. The motherly affection and heated passion make a blend so perfect that one has to grip the book till the end.
Wait that’s not the end of surprises. The story also brings in some fantasy which I thought was rather not essential but still makes up for a good story.
All together the book is everything that is not suggested by the title. No character in the story makes you feel that. Then again the question remains: Why name such a warm, wonderful book Heart Of Ice?!





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