Soldier {Audian Forcess #1}

“I just want to be a part of something more. I want to matter, I want to make a difference, to feel like…” she trailed off and tried to look away, but Charlie wouldn’t let her. “To feel like…” he prompted. “To feel like I am worth something,” Rayne finished.

Kalcee Clornel. Soldier (Kindle Locations 3525-3530).

If you can relate to the above words then this book is for you. It’s YA, Sci-Fi and its amazing!

Name: Soldier: Audian forces #1

Author: Kalcee Clornel

Star rating: 3.75/5!
soldier audian forces

“I have too much to tell, and not enough time to tell it”

-Slight variation in the quote from the above book.

This is a complete Sci-Fi fiction featuring three people who are affected by the experiments of people from other dimension. These other people are called Audians and they tried to breach their way into our universe. No, they are not not aliens, just parallel beings similar to humans{hope that makes sense}, but more advanced{obviously!}. The people being affected are carriers of the Audian gene.

First there is Athena. The normal girl with a prospective future in dancing and carries high dreams. All comes crashing when she suddenly starts seeing reptile like creatures and those said creatures start attacking the innocent by standers who cannot see them. Instead of understanding her, her adoptive parents ship her off to a sanatorium, dubbing their daughter as crazy.

Second, Specialist Charlie Winters.

He is by choice a tech analyst. But his abilities due to the Audian gene help him get placed with Audian military, Field unit AB-12, also called the B team. His abilities are really amazing and I’m not going to reveal them. I wish I had that ability. Back to the story, Charlie’s abilities are an asset to his team but even the bad guys recognize an invaluable ability  when they see one. So the game has changed for Charlie, it battle to survive.

Last but the most powerful protagonist: Rayne Stone. She is the daughter of the most important people of the Audian. But that doesn’t make her life any easy. She is looked down upon due to her lack of ability and kept away from her parents all her life. That makes her grow up as an orphan and have a solitary stand in each of her decisions. Also that doesn’t stop her from getting into trouble or helping out others when in need.

Now what happens when these three people collide? a story worth reading. Also don’t forget the bad guys. They are the ones who bring all of them together. These bad guys actually came from the Rip caused by the Audians when they tried to breach the parallel universe{They are called Rippers, lovely name}.  They are human like but not as advance as the audians. They have one thing different though. They can makes disgusting creature to fight their battles. And these creatures don’t like humanity. Not good for poor humans at all!

Now take a look at the trailer which is a better description than mine: youtube

As for my opinion:

I found the first chapter rather too fast paced making me not like Athena at all. We don’t even know how she looks like at first take! But as the story advances, the story slows down a bit coming to a moderate but gripping pace. There is so much suspense and there is so much emotion involved. You see them as humans and see their point of view. Each opinion differs and each point of view about the arising problems differ. But I couldn’t help but agree to them all. Everybody is right, in their angle of focus.

There is humor and sarcasm which makes the story lively and still brings the human feel to it, like the following quote:

“Another bright sunny day, with nothing to reflect how bad things were. Why did the sky not crackle with thunder, why did tears not rain from the heavens? Why did the sun shine so happily while her life turned inside out? It was simple. The sun could not give a damn.”

Kalcee Clornel. Soldier (Kindle Locations 1096-1098).

Wouldn’t you agree? Then there are uplifting quotes like this one:

“That spark is important, Rayne. It’s what drives every one of us, and if we lose it, there is nothing driving us anymore. We’re just on autopilot, going through life without passion.

Kalcee Clornel. Soldier (Kindle Locations 2595-2596).

But someone told me that no book is without imperfections. And there are a few in this book as well.

There are instances where I’d like to just shake the characters up and tell them to knock it off! Intense secret keeping wears the reader thin. Especially when the protagonist and the reader know the secret and rest of the characters don’t know. Also there are some plot mistakes which can be overlooked.

My biggest let down of the book were three:

  1. The story doesn’t actually end. It’s just starting and all the build up, character development and plot will be carried over to the next book as well. It’s not actually a bad thing, but patience is not my best attribute.
  2. I didn’t get the name of the big villain, behind everything, who can eventually cause more “ripples”.
  3. I hated the parents of Rayne. I expected them to be some what responsible, being in such important positions, but they made me very angry at them. Maybe the author wanted the reader to feel that. That’s make sense considering that I would not wish even my enemies to have such parents.

Overall the book is really good and I thank author Kalcee Clornel for giving me this amazing book in exchange for an honest review.



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