A Muddy Red River

“I have not read another book after that, It kind of ruined the experience of reading for me. Not in a bad way though.”

“How is something ruined in a good way?”

“I mean it was so good that I doubted whether anything else I read subsequently could match it or even get anywhere near it.”

-D.A.Cairns(A Muddy Red River)

Name: A Muddy Red River 

Author: D.A. Cairns 

Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press


Star Rating:4.5/5!


The description does not tell the whole truth about the book. It talks of a story about two brothers and their journey through ups and downs in life. That’s not completely true. Here is my thought about the book:

According to me, the story started off with two brothers of which one seems good and can take white and the other seems bad, taking black. For me Rob, the younger brother, was white, because he was true to himself and enjoyed his freedom.

Shane was black to me as he was such a big loser, flirting with his female students and nearly harassing them, all the while claiming to be loving his wife. I instantly hated him.

The book in the first few parts is bleak, dark and talks about drug, alcohol and Thai clubs.

If that isn’t enough it opens with quotes such as:

A spark of desire ignited a blaze of obsessive infatuation which was so unexpected and so aggressive that Shane had insufficient time to even think of defending the castle of his integrity

But, don’t despair, after ten pages you will get used to the author’s literary prowess. Once you get used to it, you start craving for those amazing metaphors and descriptions of each incident you get by.

Now for what I think the author is conveying in those 300 pages.

In a line: “What do you say when you learn that someone you have known your whole life, your brother, has murdered a man?”

The author has brought some profound knowledge about life, problems, death, loss and even God. When starting off the situation in the story may seem dark, but you will eventually see the grey shades emerge. The person in white shows his dark side and the person in black shows his bright side. It talks about how these sides of a person emerge when he is under stress, loss or in a huge emotional turmoil.

The author is spectacular is showing the different faces of the characters through different colored glasses. You will see them love, lose their love, drown in problems, get back on their feet, get slammed by their own grief and still come out together with the help of their family and bonds they share which cannot be wiped out by distance or time. There are situations where I cried with the characters and laughed at the absurdity of the situation they were in.

“What happened to us?”

“Life happened to us”

Also there are times which tell the blunt truth of life to your face:

“What lies beneath the obvious is the crux; the heart of the matter. When the heart is laid bare the depths are plumbed and real healing can occur.”

But the most important thing that one can feel while reading the book is:

We have choices and we live with consequences of our decisions, whether good or bad, right or wrong. Our destiny is to some extent always in our hands, though we remain ever vulnerable to the whim of fate.”

With a mix of humor, sarcasm, precision threading between black and grey, the author brings out the best from the story of two brothers. You can expect the story to go downhill at any moment and you will be surprised when you see that nothing is happening the way it should. I had not expected this when I started reading and now this is my favorite book of the month!!


Author: dreambookreviews

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