The Code Of Manavas

“To make an endeavor successful, it is not about how firm your leap of faith is, rather how firm your faith in your leap is.”

-Arpit Bakshi(The Code Of Manavas)

 As always, reading a book by an Indian author is always the best gift an Indian can receive. Without further adieu bringing the amazing science fiction by an Indian Author:

Name:The Code Of Manavas: Beyond The Realm 

Author:  Arpit Bakshi 

Publishers: Notion Press 

ISBN: 978-93-5206-547-9

Star Rating: 3.75/5!

For a visual description by the author, watch the trailer: Youtube

There is always a difficulty in mixing mythology, spirituality and science-fiction. Considering the mix, on first impression, I thought “That’s impossible!”.

Surprise! Surprise!  Author  Arpit Bakshi has made the giant effort in bringing all these together without a hint of suspicion over the story line.

The story is relatively simple:

Humans have meddled too much with mother nature and she is taking her revenge by sinking all the huge, powerful continents one by one until only a part in India is left standing(Yay India!!). But even this is life on borrowed time.

The protagonist is a young(old by the timeline of million borrowed years) scientist, Krishna who is the founder of Bhoomidium, an organic compound helping Bhoomi(India) survive and thrive. It’s property is to heal and re-create life. But as side effects, it can enhance the mind power of humans making them super humans(Manavas). But nothing comes without a price. The catch here is, this organic compound cannot save everything. It cannot stop geological changes.

So now the protagonist has to find an alternative solution. There is one:leave the planet. But will he be successful?

The story is similar to Satyajit Ray’s incredible adventures of Professor Shonku . But that was only a collection of short stories in science fiction and the similarity ends with being science fiction.

Even then the writing style and the narration is very authentic and has the element of nature’s beauty. It’s so beautiful at times that one can just get lost within those mesmerizing words.

Just like a rising sun, a kid would be born-soft and soothing. He would learn to leave behind the horizon and leap into the unimaginable limitless sky. After making a mark on otherwise unconquerable vast sky, he would blossom into a ball of passion, hot and ever ready for any challenge that would meet him eye in eye.

But the book not only holds the imagination sphere filled with creative visions, it also brings out the hard facts to face. Either be it about our miscreants towards nature or about the misuse of power in the name of greed, it’s brought out in a manner a reader can feel ashamed of being a human.

A widely popular myth is still a myth and a truth ignored will still qualify as truth.

What I liked the most about the book was the way the story is crafted. It’s moderately paced, intriguing and involves everything an Indian story should have. From emotional drama to action everything is there!

In few words one can say:

Smooth sailing on intermittently rocking waves, with a distant faintly visible shore!

The Vedic culture is brought to light which I felt was not so well explained. There could have been a brief introduction to the lifestyle, that was the only thing that disappointed me a little. Rest assured this is one Indian-tastic read!!

I thank the author for giving this book in exchange for an honest review, which played no part of influence in the said review.


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