Hawkins Lane

 “Where’s it written it’s better to bury yourself in the past and believe you’re doomed? What would it cost you to give that up? What would it take?”

– Judith Kirscht (Hawkins Lane)

Name: Hawkins Lane 

Author: Judith Kirscht 

ISBN: 978-1-61469-050-4

Star Rating: 4/5!

Hawkins-Lane-cover-ebook-size.jpg This is the story of two young people with extremely different backgrounds coming together to fall in love. A romance of sorts with hurdles from the past and present that they have to overcome.

Ned Hawkins is a mama’s boy in the eyes of his murderer father, who pushes the rest of his family to the doom of being an outcast. He believes very strongly that the Hawkins “Bad Blood” will get to him someday, bringing in a fatal situation to his life.

Erica Romano is the new doctor’s girl who is more at home in the woods than anywhere else. A high spirited fighter who lives the life to the fullest.

When they both find each other in the woods, they are inevitably bound to fall for each other. Ned tries to push her away until he realizes that Erica is the one who can bring him out of his self created hole, while Erica finds her anchor within Ned.

Their world comes crashing when Ned’s jail bound father is released and is back to haunt them. Their decisions and choices start taking the front bench in making and breaking their respective lives. Will they get through unscathed? or will they be damaged beyond repair?

My thoughts on the story:

The blood of the killer? She didn’t believe in that. Yes, she did. It’s in all of us, isn’t it? We ride wild horses to get rid of it; we bolt and walk in the woods, drive our bodies beyond what they can do. 

The book is not any conventional love story. It isn’t rosy and happy. It’s very honest as the story weaves around the perspective of two people who go through a range of emotions parallel to their worlds.

While Ned build’s a fort to protect his family, he calls it concern. Erica calls it imprisonment. While Erica walks off into the woods, Ned calls it foolish and reckless while Erica calls it finding freedom.

Ned chooses to close off, keeping the pain to himself and fighting an internal battle with himself that most of us can relate to. But he doesn’t know how he is affecting the people around him and the people who love him.

Erica runs when faced with a problem and tries to fight everything that stops her. She never understands what impact she is having on others until her recklessness renders her immovable. Things change, love falters and life drags on for them. They are fighting a battle on two fronts: one within themselves and another against the world.

Everyone can relate to this. Every decision we make comes back to haunt us. If good, we cherish it, if bad we mourn it. But can we ever get over it? can we break free of the bonds that tie us down from being ourselves? That’s the question that pops into the mind while reading this book.

The best thing about the book is, the way the emotions are described. It brings tears to eyes when we look at the situation in the story with a different perspective. The hope which drives us is the only thing constant. Looking from there is the only way to move on.

Another thing about the book is how fear is expressed between the lines.

“Fight it.”
“What?” She looked up confused.
“Fear. It’s terrible stuff.”

There is one thing that the book carries as a part of love,the love between a father and a daughter. There is no mention of it but one can feel it as the undercurrent of the whole story.

“How can such powerful battles go on behind that innocent face?”

The characters just develop before your eyes and within  the passing pages the story is completely at a different precipice, one you weren’t expecting. The characters change, the story changes and finally your opinion about them altogether changes.

After the purpose of the story is to leave with characters whom you love!


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