Bhendi Bazaar

What makes a profession evil? the workers or the employers? 

What makes the world look at some people and scorn over them?

What impacts a person so much that he tends to give up his life than fight it?

What makes a person fight his inner demons by taking revenge on the living?

One can think on the above questions once getting into one of the most amazing crime thrillers I’ve read recently:

Name: Bhendi Bazaar 

Author:Vish Dhamija 

Publisher: Rumor Books India

ISBN: 9788192953267

Star Rating: 3.75

bhendi bazaar

my copy back cover

The story starts like this:

Three girls from Soviet Union plan on breaking free from the strict rules of their country, end up being caged up in a different sort of rules and this time around there is no freedom anywhere. But that leads to one side of the story which fades into the background once the gruesome murders start a few years later.

DCP Ferreira is faced with a new challenge once when there is a serial killer, who happens to be men-hating, mutilating sadist. The deaths have a pattern but no clues. The game is completely one sided until the killer turns bold and contacts the DCP.

The heat turns on as the game upgrades to a new level where killing is a passion and hunting is misdirected. The police are unable to determine the gender of the killer, forget about catching him/her red handed. Will the best of the best DCP catch the killer or end up on a hitlist?

My thoughts on this amazing book:

Warning: This book is not for kids or for weak heart. This book contains a lot of gore, blood and disgusting depiction of death.

I started the book with a prior knowledge of too many deaths{gruesome is too refined to describe that}. But the highlight is that the book is female oriented as the protagonist is a an alpha female wielding power. Also the victims of an unfair trail are also female leading to a lot of guessing and speculations.

But once reaching the halfway of the book all thoughts scramble as new things come to life. The story goes much deeper to a psychological level making more ripples into the story line. The plot is very well developed and runs a little similar to Sidney Sheldon’s Tell Me Your Dreams with its aspects of the killer being a victim once. Oh don’t forget the Indian twists and turns! There is this color story to black-and-white flashbacks movement within the chapters. That’s something to look forward in the book. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending of the story though as I expected to know about the killer from a different perspective. It’s a rather different ending than what I expected. All together this book is really good and takes a week to recover from{Though not so if you have some happy books lined up next}.

This book was recommended to me by a friend. I thank him a lot for this! And I will recommend it to all my friends and readers who love to sit tight and go through a mysterious journey!





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