The Old Man And The Nymph

Old people, when they are young, they lived as if there was no tomorrow. They smoked, drank, fell in love many times, had no stable married lives, never took care of children, gambled, were kicked out of job for indiscipline, smoked grass, marijuana and hallucinated that they would be young forever. The years slipped from their hands and old age just sort of crept up on them. 

You have had your life old man; you deserve what you are today.

  • Vipin Behari Goyal{The old man and the nymph}

Name: The Old Man and The Nymph 

Author: Vipin Behari Goyal 

Publishers: BLACKBUCK Publications


Star Rating: 3.75/5!

old man and the nymph.jpg

This story is one of the most unique books I have ever read so far. What makes this book different? The story which is truly based on a Greek Myth changes when you look at it from one perspective where you will be looking at the story of an old pervert who tries to entice three innocent girls. From another perspective the story tries to convey the hidden depths an evil within the humans that surfaces when it knows that the environment is supportive. It also shows human interaction transcending age, where age is not the bar to feel good or happy. It’s just mind over matter regarding when a person actually grows old.

The story is divided into five parts. Each in written in multiple point of views. But it is not jumbled and is organised in the way the opinion shifts slowly from subtle theme to more philosophical theme with a lot of depth to it. The shift is rather slow, as the reader is gradually made to look at each character, understand their opinions, live a little with them, and then the author leaves the power completely in the hands of the reader to decide and judge the decisions of each of them. Did they deserve their happiness? Did they deserve the pain? Was the joy and sorrows balanced?

The amazing thing about the book is, each reader can come to a different conclusion and each one of it may be right.

Also added to that is the elaboration on the thoughts of old age. Everyone thinks that at that stage of life it’s just a count down till death. But here the author has shown how it’s not exactly true. Death has it’s time and way to come and go, while life, as long as it lasts is still a gift and can determine the fate of the those who get left behind.

This book is very philosophical with a blend of myth. But as always the author has based the story close to home in India. The description of nature in its elemental beauty was my absolute favorite. Some things of the book doesn’t actually set in with an orthodox view we hold towards Indian settings, but I think those do exist, even though it’s well hidden. Bringing them to light is a feat of its own!

I thank the Author for sending me this wonderful book! This is my second book from the author and very different from his book Maya In Search Of Tantric Father.

Also my next book also will be by the same author! And it is ***Drum Rolls*** Tall Man Small Shadow{I really like the name of the book!}. I’m pretty excited about that book as well!



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