Tall Man Small Shadow

-Exaggeration is required to make a point, or to draw attention, especially for people who suffer ennui. Open minded people can just ignore it.

  • Vipin Behari Goyal{Tall Man Small Shadow}

People who understood the opening quote with a single read: You Are Really Extraordinary!

People who took a few tries but managed to understand that: You Are Good!

People who didn’t understand the line: Read Tall Man Small Shadow!!

Name: Tall Man Small Shadow 

Author:  Vipin Behari Goyal 

Publishers: CYBERWIT.NET

ISBN: 978-81-8253-412-4

Star Rating: 4/5!

tall man small shadow


This book is really very unique. Have you ever read a book which starts from happily living and leads to happily living? Or have you ever read a book that just takes you from one person to another person by creating a mesh called life?

So a question arises: Is the book monotonous and boring? Absolutely not.

The story revolves around the day to day life of six people who affect the lives of each other. They are: Anupam- The main protagonist, who is highly philosophical{ That’s his thought in the quote} and also the main character a reader can come to love. He creates theories over everything under the sky{including the sky!}.

Sulekha: The sneaky wife of the protagonist who acts sick, silent and a snob but is none of those. In fact she is the magic maker of the story and the one who makes coincidences happen!

Aalya: Daughter of the protagonist, an innocent girl who happens to seek herself during her study for her Ph.D. She falls in love, undergoes the period of joy, jealousy, fear and anger. She is more or less like “Test Specie #1”.

Salil: “Test Specie #2”, the tall handsome neighbor who is lonely, melancholic and an introvert{Don’t forget a little crazy and depressed} thinks and judges people based on their shadows {Weird!}

Seema: I am biased about this character as she seemed like a professor who takes advantages of her students because of her boredom.

Paul: The drama guy who has only a single appearance in the book! By drama guy, I mean that he is a director for a drama team. Husband of Seema and is out of the book for most of it.

All these characters come in play their role and exit the screen when their time is up. The story is unevenly paced where marriage and kids happen in one chapter and a dream happens in another. It’s not a story but still a story. Confusing right??

Look at it this way:

The story talks about common people going through common phases of life, affecting others with their decisions. The story talks about the significance of life as a whole and the manner in which each of the events mold our lives. It also talks about how predictable our lives are when we are put into certain situations. It may not be true for all, but most of us,  we are normal Homo sapiens. The pondering that each character does leads to one thing or the other and finally all the loose ends are tied when the author reveals some really secretive things that happen in the name of “coincidence”.

tall man small shadow 2

What I thought about the book:

If hadn’t know that this book was from the same author who wrote Old Mam And The Nymph, I would have thought that this book was by a different author. The writing style is a lot different from the other two in way the story narration corresponds to the day to day lives. Each character is highly developed and mature. The content has a lot of depth, one may not understand it in round #1!

Again I thank the author for sending me a copy of this book! I had very philosophical month thanks to all these amazing books!



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