SHE: Ekla Cholo Re

I forgot in fostering trust with loved ones that destiny is in my own head like the same pebble that did get touched by water, passed though the hurdles of ripples without sinking easily to make a way to the shore

  • She, Ekla Chalo Re

First of all I am very guilty for two things that I thought before I started reading the book and I know most of the people of the “refined and cultured” society will also stand at this point when they read the summary and think as to read or not.

  • First mistake: When I read that the book is about a transgender person, I hesitated thinking should I read this book? What will everyone else think?
  • Second mistake: I don’t usually read short stories until someone recommends it to me or I think that the author is really good. This book was not recommended to me by anyone and since the topic was also rather not my type I hesitated.

But I did read this book because it was by an Indian author. I highly respected their venture and wanted to read. So here is the details of the book:

Name: She: Ekla Chalo Re. {A story meant to motivate all and sundry irrespective of their circumstances} 

Authors: Santosh Avvannavar 

                  Shayan Haq 

Star rating: 4/5!

ekla chalo re

This is a very short story where Kusum tells about the life which she had to face because of her gender confusion. It’s a heart touching story of love, joy, confusion, depression and misery.

Just as there is hope for every person and every being, she finds hope within herself to keep going. This is the motto of the book. Most of us face difficulties in life, but those who face unfairness are the ones who suffer the most. It’s not their mistake that they are created different from the “socially acceptable”. More important than that is, they didn’t deserve being judged as outcasts.

The story is written in a really good way such that the reader is made to think on the right and wrong. But my favorite part of the book was reading the English translation of the song Ekla Chalo Re. I hadn’t heard a better description and relevance than this story!

I thank the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I also request the readers to not make the same mistake that I did. This book is really amazing and a must read for every individual!





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