Waves In The Sky

Teachers are mothers to their students. They scold them, punish them, teach them, and love them as a mother does. Their greatest assets are their students.

  • Rakhi Jayashankar (Kindle Locations 1116-1117). Kindle Edition.

We all carry a bag full of sweet and sour memories associated to our past that nobody can steal from us. But here is a book that can send you spiraling into that bag within few pages of starting it!

Name:Waves In The Sky 

Author:  Rakhi Jayashankar


Release date: February 20th

Star Rating: 4.5/5!

waves in sky

This is the story of six girls who studied in the school named Naivedya together and were practically inseparable. Charu, Ananya, Avantika, Neha, Riahana and Yami were the canaries who filled the hands of their principal, Ms Malini. School days are the days where no responsibilities burden life. The real survival test begins after it.

That’s when the canaries make decisions that start changing their lives either for the best or for the worst. Their lives takes huge twists and turns, influenced by various factors. But fate brings them all together to where they started so as to give each of them another shot at life.

waves in sky2.jpg

Within two words, the book can be described as “Emotional Roller-coaster”. The Author has crafted the story so beautifully that the reader is swept into it before the story actually starts going into the depths. Each character has the “good side” and the “bad side”, which is expressed directly through their descriptions. The emotions feel so realistic that beware reader, keep a tissue box nearby!

I cried at so many points, laughed at others and was reading the book with bated breath. It’s one book I had to like because of its central theme- “coming home”{ Yes, Skylar Grey’s singing in the background: I’m coming home 

The feeling I liked with the book was: we are always welcome back to the hearts of our loved ones even after making mistakes that burn the bridges and break the hearts. They will be there once they realize how foolish we were and they will embrace us into our haven.

The highlight of the book was bringing in lot of social evils into the light through the characters of the book. The Author has navigated very well through the sensitive subjects of dowry, child abandonment, rape, harassment and everything women go through in a clear but subtle way that the reader understands the cause and effects of such events in so many lives. Good job Author!!

I can’t thank enough of the author for this spectacular book! Also I felt that the summary of the book does not do justice to it. It’s amazing and should be read by everyone who loves drama with a plot that includes school life, walking through memory lanes, helping out others, murder{ yes, didn’t expect that, did you?} and reunion. Pick up the book on Feb 20th and have a happy reading!



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