Surrogate Author

The first book is the blessing of God. First book is the crown of of declaring an authorship. First book is the dream of every writer.

  • Authdas{ Surrogate Author}

I have never read a book as funny as this with the backdrop of a typical Indian family, where being anything other than an engineer is being equal to a terrorist!

Name: Surrogate Author 

Authors:  Santosh Avvannavar 

Shilpa Patil

ISBN: 9781503002159

Star Rating: 5/5!

surrogate author

Book Description:

This is the story of an engineer turned author Authdas{ a guy very similar to Devdas, including the alcohol bottles and uncut beard}. Authdas always wanted to be an author and write his first book named Paro. Paro is his childhood obsession and an unfulfilled dream. But there are so many people who stand in his way and in between him and Paro. It his love-struck journey towards his dream Paro, and an unending love to his writing even after facing so many odds.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book. Absolutely loved it. It is a short book written in a unique format of personification for many characters. Books speak and darling Paro hides behind the bookshelf from Authdas and makes him wait until new moon to see her{ How dramatic can this go?}

I loved how the story comes out like a play{ it’s also written like a play} with each character taking the center stage and being overly dramatic to send out the much needed message: You can be an author, don’t let the critics, money, fame and others affect you. After all, it’s your dream that you are trying to fulfill!

I thank the author for sending this book to me in exchange for an honest review. I really had so much fun reading this Bollywood turned book!


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