Umbilical Cord

The endeavor of this book is to help bring in discipline  and humility in order to live in harmony

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There are so many invisible bonds that we create and attach to other people and materials, that it brings in pain and joy in equal amounts. This is one way in which few authors have come together to write 40 short stories regarding these invisible “umbilical cords” that bind us to our humanity.

Name: Umbilical Cord { A cord that remains, always, in many ways…}

Authors:  Meena R. Chandawarkar

Santosh Avvannavar 

umbilical cord

ISBN: 9781515293828

Star Rating: 3.2/5!

Book Description:

The book brings about the hidden emotions that all human beings undergo and in the process forget the basic foundation of life and try to fight all the emotions that get stored within themselves. This is done in 40 short stories that emphasize the cultural and moral reformation that is highly essential in today’s world.

Each of the stories is different from the previous one. But they have some concepts that connect them. It starts of forgiving and completes a cycle comes back to it eventually, covering all the topics that can be covered within the pages of this amazing book.

My thoughts on the book:

I was a little disappointed while reading this book as I expected some wow! factor in it as that which was found in the previous book by the same author-  SHE. But as I read through few stories, I really started liking them. There is something everyone can relate to in this book. There is every emotion that we can see, described with minimal detail, leaving the reader to draw to their own conclusions. There isn’t much depth to the characters that appear in the stories which disappointed me a little.

There were stories that chilled my blood while reading and there were others that practically left my jaw hanging. I felt my heart constrict at few stories and felt myself laughing at few others. It is thought provoking and makes a reader think on the social evils and personal morals.

There is this one story that I loved and had to mention here. It is about the marketing strategy of the author of this book to promote his books in his wedding, making it the biggest promotion event in the history! He even named the foods on the menu of the wedding with his books! Best of all, he wanted to keep the book reading sermon after the wedding! That’s heights of book marketing!

I thank the author for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.



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