February Wrap up!

This is my first non-book-review post on my blog after my introduction! Most of my friends pestered me into writing something that wasn’t a review. But here comes the problematic part. Words don’t come so easily when I have to talk about something not about books!

For my problem, a dear friend suggested that I do a wrap up of all the books I read this month and tell about few things here and there that I had been up to this month.

I thought “Well, let’s give this a shot! I haven’t got anything to lose!”

So here how it goes:

I’ll post the pictures of the book with a very brief description of them.(Click on the name to be redirected to a complete review.)

  1.  Maya In Search Of Tantric Father  : Maya in Search of Tantric Father is the story of an Indian American girl who has come to India in search of her biological father. Here she encounters a lot of mysterious and spiritual people and phenomenon that gives a new meaning to her life. I had a very spiritual beginning to my February reads when I picked up this book.

maya-in-search-of-tantric-father-opt2dear county agent guy





2. Dear County Agent Guy

This is one book I recommended to all my friends as this book left me clutching my stomach and rolling on floor as I laughed. I loved this book so much that I was reading this even during my engineering classes and struggled to not bark out laughing. So what’s so funny? Everything. It’s about a farmer turned author who recounts all the things that has happened  in his life in a very hilarious way. If you didn’t have good day in job or too much depression, this book is an instant remedy for you!

At this point I would like to mention that I had stopped reading for a while. My 4th semester Engineering started bringing in a lot of new hope, new things to study, more assignments, more running to catch the last bus to college and more cursing at the alarm clock! But best was going back to friends and having a lot of fun.

When I say fun, I also do have to mention that I had gone trekking to a small hill with a great view for the second weekend in this month. I didn’t feel like writing about it back then because I thought “It’s a book blog, nobody wants to read my trip details.” But one of my friends did tell me that, I could write it, for there are many good people out there who cannot go to places and I can take them virtually through my journey.  I’m still not very sure about this, but I will try to tell more regarding all the travelling I do in further posts!

3. Bhendi Baaar

bhendi bazaar  How can I spend a month if not for some crime thrillers to keep me reading as though I’m the detective? This book came to my rescue when I was thriller starved. This the story of 3 Russian girls who end up getting sold in the red light district of Mumbai. After nearly a decade, there are rich-stuck-up guys dropping dead like flies with mutilated bodies and a shot in their head. Detective Ferreira is up till her neck into this case with new clues to go by and when the killer starting to play the dare game, she is completely irked.

I have loved this book so much despite it having extreme violence.{ I absolutely hate violence, except when I’m reading crime thrillers and Game Of Thrones series}

That’s where I ended getting lost into college work. But it’s not the gloom and doom getting lost. It was fun work getting lost. Not getting it? let me explain. From my college Rotract club, few students had been to a government school nearby to have an interactive session with them regarding their dreams, ambitions and to help them feel confident to face the exams. That’s all for the written record by the way. The real thing that happened there was we ended up behaving like kids with the tenth graders and started playing all the stupid games that came to our mind. What we learnt that day was, to be happy you don’t need time, you just need to have an inclination to have fun! That is one memorable day that I cannot forget!

4. The Old Man And The Nymph    old man and the nymph

Now coming back to a book with a catchy name: The Old Man and The Nymph drew me to it like no other book because of it’s name.

This is a retelling of a Greek mythology in a modern day and modern setting. Here is an old man who has encountered a nymph like girl in his life and also further encounters three more like her. Then the story unfolds to tell a reader what happens when a sin leads the purpose of life.

4. Tall man Small Shadow

tall man small shadow Then my reading took a new turn when I read Tall Man Small Shadow. This book once again questions the purpose of life and why we do things in certain way? So there was a lot of understanding involved and lot of contemplation involved with this book. I had a good time reading this book and thinking along the lines the author has drawn for the reader.




5. Here is a set of three books that has together tried to bring awareness regarding many of the social settings and social evils of our sophisticated society. All three of them made me think something or other where I have myself committed some of those mistakes.

SHE: Ekla Cholo Re

Umbilical cord

Surrogate Author

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Last But Not The Least: The book that made me relive my school days and miss all my friends dearly: Waves in the sky

I read this book while listening to Skylar Grey sing ” I’m coming home”. I could really feel that essence and it brought tears to my eyes and made me say that the month ended in really good note!

So what to expect in March?

Here are a few books lined up:

  1. Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave.
  2. Monkeys, Motorcycles and Misadventures by Harsha Vardhan.
  3. Only Tomorrow Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer{It’s been on my shelf way too long.

So these I’m going to read and review shortly and then go into hiding as my first internal assessment is just about the corner waiting for me. Got to hit the textbooks once in a while;D!


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