Me Before You!

me before u2

This year I finally made a go at the one book that made me cry so much out of sheer love towards it. This book that is my newest love is coming out as a movie staring two of my most favorite actors Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin in the lead roles. And without further adieu, here comes ME BEFORE YOU!

First watch the sweet trailer that got me reading this book in the first place: Youtube 

I do know that I’m reading the love story in the wrong month, but still a reader can live a thousand lives, whenever or wherever he feels like!

Now for the book:

Name: Me Before You 

Author: Jojo Moyes

Star Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥!!!

me before you Description:  Lou Clark is in need of cash and is recently a victim of recession. Her job experience includes only as a waitress and a family of six depends on her income.

Will Traynor is a hot-shot business man with everything he can ask for, until an unfortunate incident renders him immobile, waiting to die.

Lucky for Lou, she gets a job as carer for a quadriplegic and hopes it will be a breeze, until she meets the sarcastic and downright mean Will Traynor.

Will has given up on life until a girl in odd dress and even more odd shoes comes as his carer and is as stupid as anyone can expect. He finds her to be amusing considering her low hopes in life and her mindset. He sees the potential in her to fly out of this prison of a town and takes her a pet project to educate her and make her see that there is a whole wide world out there which is to be experienced before ending up on hospital bed.

Lou has some tough time and eventually when she thinks that things are getting fine, she gets to know about Will’s wish. To go to Dignitas, the assisted killing centre to let go of his life. Then she makes him her project to show that life is still worth living even with the pain and changes.

My take : I love it! So much that this book made me cry out a whole tissue box! The story is not a typical love story. It is about loving life itself. It’s about making the most in life.

The things which Will tells Lou made me realize how closely I resemble that character. I’m a home body with a very small ambition and no desire to go away from my home turf. When I was reading the book, I felt that Will was telling me to make the most out of my life rather than waste it while sitting it out thinking about what could be done. After all, life is way too short and we have to respect it’s power over each and every being. Things change, either to good or to bad. But having done things that are meant to be lived can make us feel that YES! I LIVED!

Also read the book before it hits the screen in June! Have fun and keep a tissue box nearby!


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