Monkeys Motorcycles and Misadventure

For nearly a week I had disappeared from the face of this Earth as bad luck was following me everywhere I went. The only reason I’m writing this post today is because the book I’m going to review helped me so much to keep going through this past week keeping my sanity intact and not throw everything, pack up and quit. So a hundred thanks to the author for helping me survive!!

My dad and brother could never stand the sight of anyone sleeping peacefully. They wouldn’t ever directly wake you up though. Instead, they would just run around the room like foxes with their tails on fire, ensuring that you eventually get out of bed yourself.

  • Author, Monkeys motorcycles and Misadventures

This is just a sample from the story that is my recent favorite!

Name: Monkeys Motorcycles and Misadventures 

Author:  N.S.Harsha Vardhan 

ISBN: 978-93-52013-77-7

Publishers: Leadstartcorp {Frog books}

Star Rating: 4.5/5!


The book is my first non-fiction of this year which tells about the travelling adventure of the author as he follows his recurring dreams in search of gaining back his belief and hope in humanity and goodness of this world. His journey takes him across South India in the footsteps of Lord Hanuman, the monkey God from the epic Ramayana, when the Lord himself was searching for Sita Devi. The history and myths combine together leading the author into places ranging from serene beauty to barren fields of blazing sun. He crosses the ocean to restore the hope that he had once lost. Join in with the author and get a new look at life in humor filled adventure that takes you across the South India with lots of ups and downs!

My take:

If not for this book I would be somewhere in a dark corner mopping after my bad week! All thanks to the humor, the mystery, the thrill of being on a adventure and living a life other than my own brought out by this book, I’m happy, healthy and completely fine!

The story starts off in general with a normal drama of dream inspiring the journey. But that’s where the thought of drama ends. Then the story is a detailed journey of the author on his foolhardy dream. Even I thought it was foolish to go to Sri Lanka based on a dream. But I quickly realized how wrong I was when the story actually pulled me into it and somewhere I was looking forward to reading the book and enjoying the banter and journey. Also my bad week involved being chased by a pack of dogs, which coincidentally even the author faces. But the way the author justifies each and every situation from different point of views made me not curse the universe at my luck. Murphy’s Law was in full swing last week but that’s nothing compared to what the author faces!


This is one road the author had to take during his journey. Please check his website for more images regarding the places mentioned in the book:

Also even the book contains all the pictures taken including the dog guide and the porcupine!

It’s generally difficult to write the emotions involved during an adventure, but to write it in a way that even the reader feels those emotions, I think that requires some super natural skills! Hat’s off Author!!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author. This has in no way affected my review. It is unbiased and totally dependent on my thoughts regarding it.


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