The Demon Deception

There are many things in life that we underestimate. One of those things is the magic of life. We know that magic is for kids, but we also know that given an opportunity to let go of reality and fall into another realm, we would all gladly pick it up.

One such ticket to another realm is The Demon Deception by Kirthi Kishore. It is one book that put the reader into a whole new world imagined by the author. So without further adieu lets get into the book!

Name: The Demon Deception 

Author:  Kirthi Kishore 

Publishers: Ferntree publishing 

ISBN: 978-93-85500-02-2

Star Rating: 3/5!

demon deception


The Demon Description is about a just sixteen turned Vishakapatnam boy Sharath who is destined for greater things in a parallel universe called Prithu. Prithu is the land of Gods, who apparently decided to disappear after a terrible war with the demons a ten thousand years ago. Even though at that time the demon numbers were decimated, they waited for the iron to get hot before they decide to strike. Now the time to fulfill their dreams have arrived with Prithu being helpless, ignorant and weak.

Then where does Sharath fit in? He comes as the sole savior with no knowledge regarding magic or Prithu. Let alone saving a universe, he hasn’t held a sword throughout his life!

When great unexpected things start happening around him, Sharath inevitably gets caught up in other worldly events.

My Take:

This is one of the books which I have mixed feelings about. So I’ll list the cons and pros of this book according to me:


  • The story starts off hesitantly with its own misgivings and also a strong theme of being set in India {Yay!!}.
  • The story is very fast paced with less character depth. I couldn’t connect with the character well but that doesn’t mean that all characters are just brought in to picture and kicked out.
  • The deeper the story goes, the more I feel as though I’m reading Harry Potter set in India. Then Percy Jackson also joins in! And the character named Arya is a mix of Gandalf and Dumbledore! There is an academy, a sorting, a fire that chooses the competitors, mythical creatures, potions and a teacher who hates our hero.! This annoyed me a lot. But that also has  a redeeming quality as the story highlights the features of India throughout the magic lore.
  • The story focuses completely on our hero and lot of the other characters just fade into the background eventually.


  • The story is gripping and puts the reader into a reading trance.
  • One of the best Indian Fantasy books ever!
  • An excellent plot and amazingly written with enough magic and mystery!
  • The ending is really really good as it sets up the stage for the sequel, making the reader want more.
  • The plot is well thought over and well written. It makes the reader experience the situation through multiple points of few, making it a wonderful experience!
  • The division of demon ranking and the mythical creatures that were present in India are some of things I really loved. {Common, Indian mythology works based on brain power, not on mystical creatures swooping in! It is a herculean task to write fantasy in India! So Kudos Author!!!}

demon deception 2.jpg

Overall the book is an entertainer with minor faults. It is completely worth the 400 pages of magic, mystery and demons.!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and this in turn has had not affected my opinion regarding the book.


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