Touching the TBR

Finally the moment has come where I can proudly say that I have read the first book in the Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer! {I know, I know, it’s rather pathetic considering the book is five years old and has been on my reading list for that long}.

But it still makes me happy that I have read something that I wanted for so long. {There also happens to be Lord Of Rings on my book shelf, which I guess will be there for a few more years}.

So without wasting time let’s dig in!

only time will tell2.jpg

Name: Only Time Will Tell 

Author: Jeffrey Archer 

Published: March 11th 2011 by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 978-0-330-53567-0

Trailer: Only Time Will Tell Trailer: Youtube 

Star Rating: 5/5!



The story kicks of with the mystery of Arthur Clifton’s death when his son Harry Clifton is a child. Then it traces the journey of Harry’s journey from base-born dockyard boy to Oxford where he realizes that the past he believed in was a complete lie and the truth creates a havoc in his present. The time takes him on a turbulent journey with people he loves the most betraying him and keeping secrets from him that could have altered his life.

My take:

One word: AMAZING!! The story is written so beautifully from the point of view of different people who make a mark in Harry’s life, revealing the truth bit by bit, keeping the reader hooked and wanting to know more. I tried the guessing game a few times and  I can assure you that it does not work! when you reach the end of the book, you think you are disappointed when the story which started as something to do with father, takes the son in a completely different direction, but will be slapped in the face by the shocker that the Author leaves you with. So I can completely assure you that you will be reading the next book eventually without any recommendation, as once the new drug of JA is used, you are bound to be addicted to it!

The thing that caught me off guard in the book {okay, I was off guard most of the times in this book, but still…} was the way I could feel the emotions of each and every character. The war brewing in the background is an added thriller as we expect the worst to happen each and every time. So all together it is one book that every reader should read once in a life time!


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