Happy Holi!!

To all my dearest Indians out there, happy Holi! This is one festival where in sitting inside the house with a book is completely prohibited. But then again, what better way to commemorate all the colorful memories stamped in the mind, than on the festival of colors?

So here is one such book that talks about flash back of colorful memories.

Name: DADA

Author:  Vibhor Tikiya 


Publishers: Indira Publishing House

Star Rating: 3/5!




This the story of a street-smart kid entering a prestigious engineering college to fulfill his mother’s wishes. The story takes a reader through the amazing journey of getting to know the protagonist in an Indian setting, where he learns more about himself and about the his close friends who he meets in the Institute.

My take:

It started of just like any other Indian boy-in-engineering-college theme. The sad background of having a single parent, a course in which the protagonist has no interest, a few unlikely friends and the drama of girls and drinks. But what makes this book any different from that Chetan Bhagat’s? That’s the question you can find the answer to only after reading this book. I’m a second year engineering student and I cannot relate to even a single thing in this story, but I really enjoyed reading it as I have seen people similar to mentioned in this book.

One more brownie point for the book, lie in its cynicism and plenty of humor induced writing. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed. But after some point in the book, the story didn’t keep me that interested. It lost its charm somewhere.

The bad point that I encountered was that the protagonist is not someone from whom we should be inspired. He is boastful and it kind of grates on my nerves when reading. After a while, all I want to say is “I know dude, you are God’s gift to mankind, just get on with it.” But there are other characters which I really liked. They give depth and color to the story. They make it vibrant and reminds me of my own friends!

So together with the bright shades of sweet memories and some drugging humor, I wish everyone a happy Holi!


Author: dreambookreviews

Call me an owl, a worm or even a book parasite, for all those names define me! Along with an immense love for books, I also love music, though I don't play any instrument or sing. Cooking and travelling are other things that I absolutely love.

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