Thriller on Train

Life is not a paragraph and death is no parenthesis

  • Paula Hawkins {The Girl on the train}

It’s a punishment of the worst kind when you fall in love with a book that’s so good that you want to know what happens next but don’t want to reach the end so soon! I feel that towards the book which am going to review now.

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Name: The Girl On The Train 

Author: Paula Hawkins 

ISBN: 978-0-857-52232-0

Publishers: Doubleday

Star Rating: 4.5/5!

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This is a book filled with suspense, mystery, crime, confusion, fear and so much more. The story spins around a drunkard heroine Rachel who is also jobless, a divorcee, fat, ugly, lazy { you can add the rest}. She has a small problem: she blacks out at times and cannot recollect what had happened at that moment.

This unlikely heroine is an everyday commuter on the train on which she notices a row of back gardens at the signal stop. The place itself is a part of her depressing history, but still she finds a nice couple there and weaves her own thoughts into it. Until one night, where she tries to meet her ex, in a state of complete drunkenness. All hell breaks loose the next day when she wakes up badly bruised and reads the news regarding a missing woman, whom Rachel had been looking at for past two years. The knowledge regarding the missing woman is there, right inside her head, but there is nothing in this universe that can trigger it and bring it into focus. This is the story of Rachel struggling with her own problems and other characters building up the suspense to find the missing woman.

My Take:

Amazing, confusing, scary, and so gripping that you may forget to sleep and eat, but not the thrill you experience while reading it. I don’t know why I punish myself with such amazing suspense and crime books where I forget rest of the world,  but one thing is true, IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT! {Now I feel sad because the world has moved on, while I’m grieving for the characters and myself}

The story started off like any other mystery thriller, slow, and picked up pace. More than the plot, the initial part of the book focuses on the mentality of each character, making each one of them a suspect. The reader will definitely get hooked by the guessing game.

The whole story revolves around so many psychotic women, eventually getting the reader confused and questioning their own sanity {Men, do not judge, for there is a shocking surprise in the end!}  Finally, when the story encounters it’s multiple twists, the guessing game is just not enough. It’s completely explosive {and don’t let anyone near you at that point, the consequences won’t be good!}.

girl on train3.jpg The writing is extremely good and captivating and is not for the weak minded. It is also something you can get hungover for weeks {Also contains a lot of alcohol, a fair warning}.

With all these and so much more, this book is my recent favorite and I recommend this to all mystery lovers. Do pick it up, especially if you are going on a train!


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