Girl Craziness!


“Girl Power!”. If that’s the what you think is the new age mantra, then you are in for a huge surprise if you ever pick up the book that got me chills and scared me a lot.

Name: Sharp Objects 

Author:  Gillian Flynn 

Publishers: Hachette

ISBN: 978-0-7538-2221-0

Star Rating 3.75/5!

SO2 From the author of Gone Girl, her debut creepy, scary novel, Sharp Objects, keeps the audience hooked from the first to last page. Fear is just another word until you read this book. Also the meaning of toxicity is the definition of this book!


Camille Preaker is going back home…to her hateful mother and dark past. She is going back to Wind Gap not for vacation, but to investigate the murders of two young girls Ann Nash and Natalie Keene, who were very much like herself. She discovers her own mother’s hatred towards her and a violent streak of craziness in her younger half sister. She witnesses odd behavior from her sister and tries to find more about it. The quest to find out the truth leads Camille into darker pits and a visit to her own creepy, scary dark past. Finally when she uncovers the truth, everything she knew about her nuclear family is nothing compared to the toxicity of their lives!


My Take:

Creepy, scary {I think I mentioned that already!} and a very gripping book! The girl mystery is an added advantage. Very well written plot and also the darker aspects are so depicted in a way that the readers cannot put it away until solving the mystery once and for all. There is an inclination towards where the story is heading and one can have a good guess at it. But solving the mystery had never been the motto here. The reason behind the murders is what keeps you there. So all together it is a really entertaining book!



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