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I hated little mermaid all my life thinking how sad it was for a fish to fall in love with human, then someone told me that the story was stupid. The next day I gifted him a copy of little mermaid and said “Read first before you make a fool out of yourself”

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Everyone who watched Disney while growing up has encountered little mermaid. But how about a retelling with a sweet twist and modern outlook? Looks good? then this is the book that has to be on your shelf:

Name: Urban Mermaid: Tails from Colony Island (Book one) 

Author:  Howard Parsons 

Publishers: Moonlight Garden Publications

ISBN: 978-1-93821-72-3

Star Rating: 2/5


Penelope Anne Tench is a mermaid. A modern mermaid with education, job and no mate. Then there is the Scottish boy, Peter MacPherson who has extreme bad luck in life. When super powers collaborate to make these two meet, will they have a smooth sail or do they need to swim across the obstacle course?

My Take:

I’ll keep this simple. If I were a fourteen year old, maybe I would have really loved it, but I’m not. I’m not sure for which age group the story was initially written for, but it didn’t keep me hooked. It is a really sweet romance between a mythical creature and a human, a retelling to be honest, but the story is way too sweet {Beware, you might end up with diabetes}. There weren’t much of unexpected twists and turns, the pace is pretty slow, romantic and I know I’m unfair towards stories with happily-ever-afters and without a crazy psychotic ax murderer.

You can kind of guess where the story is heading to after a point and feel irritated when the story starts dragging. Also if you are planning a wedding, read this book. You will get a detailed insight as to how to organize the wedding and even change into a “mer” folk.

But this book does have some redeeming qualities as well. The book gives a deep insight on “mer” life and depth of thoughts of few characters which have have developed. The rest is still something that needs working on. The mechanics of “mer” life is given in extreme detail and somehow it all ends with the mythical creatures loving to walk around naked! Seems so absurd! But then again, they are mythical for a reason.

So if you want to know the life cycle and general history of mermaids and mermen, this book is really good. As for entertainment, I give a one out of five stars.


I tried really hard to like this book, but somehow, I couldn’t connect with it. Initially I was very interested in it, but slowly after 300 pages, the story was dragging and I was yawning.

I thank the author for sending me this book as a part of giveaway! Thank you.


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