To the journey through light

There are times when all I ever wanted was to hide in that dark corner in my mind and not raise at all, that’s when I remember that a phoenix has to rise from ashes

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Life brings in both joys and sorrows. Some say it is balanced while some say it is a state of mind and nothing more. I was one among those who believed that life would give only so much problems that I can handle. But then again what do I know about problems. If you did a survey on how many people are happy out there in this world, you will find my name in that list. If you think you are suffering for unfair reasons, maybe it is time to read this book:

Name: Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints That Matter: A Journey Through Toxic Relationships 

Author:  Nina Norstrom 

Publisher: WriteLife

ISBN: 9781939371478

Star Rating: 4/5!


blueprint Description:

I honestly will not be doing any justice when I write the description for this book. But I will try my best to get real close.

This is the journey of the author through multiple toxic relationships and toxicity of life in general. She gives great insights on how her experience through this journey was and how to recognize, repair and avoid such traumatic experiences. This is not one of those self-help books which guide one through till then end and feed your brain with too much information. This is one of those books with heartfelt emotions and story of those loved ones who teach us things that cannot be taught. It is a wonderful effort by the author to write her thoughts and experiences and using this to guide others who might stumble upon such issues as well. Hat’s off Nina!

My take:

I initially started reading this book with a lot of other work and very hectic events happening in my life. But slowly the book started showing me the toxic part of life which I had never encountered as of yet {Yes, nineteen isn’t exactly all knowing age}. Then again prevention is better than cure. So I continued reading through and that lead me to knowing so much about how life is not as simple as it seems. I have super amazing parents and a brother who is a pest at times and the greatest gift to me during the the rest. I had always taken them for granted and only after reading this book did I understand my mistake.

Never ever take it for granted that you have an amazing family and good friends to help and support you. You couldn’t have asked for better people in your life!

The thing that finally made me throw away all my work and read the book was when the author is faced with the Cancer taking away the light of her life. That’s when I cried while reading. The author herself seems so calm and reassuring in her words, but me, as a reader I could feel the pain radiated from the pages. I love this book and this is one book that I according to me, should be read at least once in a lifetime!

There are many books out there, but none can compare to a mother who is guiding a child. This book gave me that feeling and I’m so thankful for the author for sending me this book! Really really amazing!


Author: dreambookreviews

Call me an owl, a worm or even a book parasite, for all those names define me! Along with an immense love for books, I also love music, though I don't play any instrument or sing. Cooking and travelling are other things that I absolutely love.

4 thoughts on “To the journey through light”

  1. Reader/Reviewer:
    “Life is a journey, not a destination.” With that spoken, I say to you . . .

    Thanks for taking the time to dive into the struggles and challenges . . . life presented ME along the way. Life does bring on many challenges and with each, there are lessons to be learned. At one time or another, we all may endure/experience obstacles in life. For certain, I’ve had my fair share. I guess, it’s just a way of Life! And life can be oh so precious.

    In order to move forward in life, I felt a need (an urge) to release my personalized story/my journey. It was a way to let go of all that toxicity thrown in the path . . .; especially, with those raw emotions (i.e., the rage, the anger, the hate, the unforgivingness), and all other stuff that life brings, the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Well, I hoped you’ve discovered through my journey/my travels, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, my reader/reviewer, for allowing me to share the journey with you . . . as you walked alongside me.

    And of course, I appreciate your review. Remember now, please try not to take life for granted . . .it can be a beautiful thing! Use each day as a learning venture. And embrace the riding journey!

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