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Find me a place to see the light but not stand in it, for I fear the light would burn me because of the darkness within me

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It’s something I believed all my life: God resides in children. So many a times I come across children being abused and tormented. They are put to work in conditions that hurt their growth and eventually kills their innocence and the joy it holds. But never did I expect a story of how a child might feel if it was told repeatedly that it was cursed. Have you?

If not, then definitely take a look at this book:

Name: Ananya: A journey towards light 

Author:  Urmila Deshpande 

Publishers: Frog Books

ISBN: 978-93-52015-79-5

Star Rating: 3/5!

Before I start with the description there is a trailer for this book on Youtube. Please check it out here:


For those who couldn’t watch the video, here is the description:

Ananya is a girl with extreme bad luck. She lost her father before she could see this universe and her mother when she was merely five year old. With no one to support her, she was disregarded by her grandfather as “cursed”. This planted a seed in her mind which was eventually hidden in dark depths.

Fifteen years later Ananya blames herself for the divorce of her adoptive parents who had taken her under their wings and treated her a their own child. But things start to spiral out of control when she starts having weird dreams and hears the voices of devil. She is chocked by her own mind and pulled into the darker depths of her mind. Will she survive? or will she eventually succumb to the devil of her mind?

My Take:

This is the book that shows how innocent children are hurt by the anger of elders who can’t keep their mouths shut. When one corrects a child or chastises them, they should be extremely careful. A child’s mind is as clear as a blank sheet of paper. Everything they hear or see, is printed onto it. And once hurt, they carry the wounds throughout their lives.

That’s just one part of the story. The after effects of this will lead to a confusion for the child when he/she has to eventually choose the “Right” path over the “Wrong”. The initial doubts regarding oneself resurface and they get trapped in the void of darkness. All it takes is a proper guide and correct guidelines to get them back onto their tracks. That’s what the journey to light is all about.

This book was very thought provoking rather than intriguing. The suspense factor is less but still a reader can feel it. The story is evenly paced and wraps up really well. I didn’t like the question and answer session near the end though. Instead of that it would have been nice if Ananaya was reading it or actually getting the insights from somewhere else. The Q&A was a little let down. But overall, the book is very interesting and well written!

I thank the author for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review! I really enjoyed the journey towards light myself!


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