Past, Don’t blame me!

Finally, with exams done and textbooks closed, the bookshelf beckons to try out the ever-increasing pile of new books. Also a loud shout out to all my super amazing and super crazy friends for so many books that you gifted for my birthday last week! { I know, I know, I had my birthday on June 24th and an examination to commemorate it!} But then again, super crazy friends got me a chocolate cake and surprise gifts to make this the best birthday ever!

Now enough with me gushing over my books, which I will present it over the next week { I have all the time in the world now!!!}. I have another reason to be thankful and this reason is actually an author who contacted me and kindly offered me a chance to read her book. You wouldn’t believe that the book came at the exact time I had a need of it in my life{ coincidence much?}

So here is this mystic book that made me think after a long time:

Name: Karma Isn’t Such A Bitch: Love, Life and Karma Unravelled 

 Author:  Rashmi Rathi 

ISBN: 9789385247811

Publishers: Educreation

You can check out the trailer for the video at:


karma isn't a bitch

Description: (for those who couldn’t take a sneak peek at the video):

Krish is a successful CEO of a company, a lucky guy who has it all, the woman of his dreams, the job of his requirement, education at the Premier and a blissful life…… until………

Karma shows up!

No, not exactly, his life takes a new turn where everything ever so perfect in his life tumbles down like dominoes. He is thrown into a vortex of disaster and goes deeper until someone comes to his aid and makes him stop and think. He then decides to hear out the mystery of this “cycle of Karma” that has taken his life on a roller coaster ride. So will he get back the controls of his life or does the mystery doesn’t entice him? Then again what is this “cycle of Karma”??

Also the author was kind enough to provide the readers, first 8 chapters of the book for FREE!! Click the following link to take a glimpse:

My Take:

Thank you dear Author!!! I consider this a birthday present because, I had two more exams when I received this book. I was pretty messed up cramming stuff into my head and was wondering “Why?? dear God, do you hate me so much as to make my exams go for a whole month??” Well this book didn’t exactly answer that but then again I haven’t faced failure real and up close in my life yet. This book kind of told me the secret ” Expect hardship, because you cannot evade them, but don’t lose hope, all is not over yet.

Everyone just says “Life is unfair” but this is the book where the author explains how fair life is and why certain things happen in life. With amazing examples which anyone can relate to and understand, the author has given a wonderful insight in the folds of Krish’s life. That is something I really loved about the book.

Another thing I liked about the book was the way the author has described the scenic beauty of nature. Bonus points for that.

What I didn’t like though was that the story at the beginning felt like a drag. Even though the ending was perfect, the opening was fast paced and not enticing.

With so much to tell, I rate the book 3.75/5 stars! A book that every beginner into spirituality should read!

I thank the author for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

To Dear readers, expect a marathon of book reading ahead! I have a whole month’s time and plenty of Indian Author’s works to showcase and comment on!


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