My Impossible Hate

So I’m back with another book, but this time around I have been disappointed gravely. For I have encountered a book that left me hollow and sick of love stories for the rest of my life! Okay, that’s way too dramatic than required.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that “I’m sorry, but this book leaves a bad taste after reading it”. So which is this book anyway?

Name:Our Impossible Love 

Author: Durjoy Datta 


Publisher: Penguin Books

our impossilbe love

Description of the book:

The author tried to bring out a love story in a new setting where the age is a bar and the all-powerful love conquers it all. Yay!. Wait. It didn’t turn out like that. It was more like a cheesy piece of work where there is a jobless guy who didn’t get a degree in psychology and ends up being a counselor to teenage kids at a high school. Okay and he is typically average and good for nothing.

There is school kid who looks super hot and somehow messed-up in terms of teenage drama and is need of a counselor(such an idiot!). So the cosmos come together and Ola! their fates get entangled into bloody knot.

Then some weird stuff that somehow never happened in my school happens and there is a whole new plot to the story and then Ta da! everyone lives happily ever after.

My take:

I actually gave my opinion above there, but then again I’m not done scolding. So here is what I think,

  1. Opening of the novel couldn’t be more stupid or vulgar. I thought it was about impossible love, not about unrealistic story between two people who are old enough to be anything but lovers.
  2. Story line is taken from the “Boring school of unrelated plot sequences”
  3. If you have ever hated yourself for being useless, read this book. It is a feel-good book for every person who is feeling low. The protagonist is on top of the “Wasted-resources” list.
  4. Protagonist has an amazing, super hot, super genius brother who excels in everything. A mirror of the protagonist’s failure in life.
  5. Protagonist is a weakling who happens to be running from his own fate( Why do I find this a common characteristic of new age heroes?)
  6. The lead lady is not even a lady yet! She is a school kid for God’s sake! She is not even old enough to understand what love is, let alone fall in one!
  7. If my mom was sick, I would not be like the lead child. She is an embarrassment to the family( No, I’m not being an orthodox Indian when I say that)
  8. What a plot twist! The villain has my name, only good point of the story. He did his job of being a bad guy. Go bad guy! You are only one who will get paid in future, when and if this book is made into a movie.
  9. Ending, rushed, senseless and by the way how does everyone be happy after taking revenge? I will never understand.

But wait there is more, here are some things that was good about the book:

  1. Good message regarding how to fight for your rights, if you are ever raped. (wait was that what the author tried to tell? I’m not sure. I’m so confused!)
  2. A confusing book. It’s hard to confuse me, but book, congratulations, I’m thoroughly confused. Bravo!

So the conclusion is that even though the author has given some really amazing books previously, such as When Only Love Remains, World’s Best Boyfriend(not so amazing) and many more (which I have yet to read), this is not one of his best works.

I’m sorry love, but this book gets only 0.5/5 stars.



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