Super Powers of the Mind

A silent prayer in the heart to cleanse the soul,

A silent whisper to the mind to remove the foul,

A dream that creates a hope holds,

While a situation that breaks a person unfolds.

  • Anonymous

When anyone tells that determination is the founding stone for reaching new heights, nobody tells what you what happens when you fall from that height.  The book Life is What You Make It, is one book that showcases what happens when you trip on the precipice.

Name: Life Is What You Make It

Author:  Preeti Shenoy 

ISBN: 9789380349305

Publishers: Srishti

Life-is-what-you-make-it-11   Description:

The second book by Preeti Shenoy, brings in a story of hope, determination and getting back onto your feet when you have fallen.

This is the story of Ankitha, an over achieving girl with hopes and dreams high, who incidentally falls in love with a guy named Abhishek. After the tryst with love fades away she chooses to let him go for the sake of her dreams and goals.

But Abhishek is found dead the next day and Ankitha’s life takes a new turn. She finds herself lost and pours herself into getting good grades in her MBA. But little did she know that her life was taking a negative approach to handling the stress and eventually her mind breaks leading to be diagnosed with some unknown illness. What happens next? Will she come out unscathed?

My Take:

Question 1. Why did the protagonist do stupid things?

Question 2. Why is the protagonist so immature?

Question 3. Is the author trying to tell the readers that you can find hope only after falling through all the levels of mental darkness?

Those three questions arose when I was reading the book. The story kicks of with classic “all girls college” drama and leads the reader to think on the maturity of writing. But that’s something everyone can relate to being at that age. So not a sin. Then the story takes some weird twists and turns, which actually made me want to read further.

Once the story reached the mid-point I realized that none of the other characters in the story are developed, there is nothing that can make me like that characters as I barely know them. One of the character dies and my expression was “you earned it buddy”.

More or less the story then takes the reader to its primary theme mental illness caused due to extreme stress. The research that went into writing a person’s point of view when being tormented by their own personal demons inside, is really commendable. That’s the highlight of the book. It tells the reader that when you have the problem within you, you may have sympathies and moral support, but it is you who have to fight through it and get yourself out the dark vortex.

The end of the story is really beautiful and compared to the initial appearance, it brings out a lot of depth to what goes inside the mind and how to deal with it. (No, I’m not talking about the Lithium intake).

So with that, I give this book 3/5 stars.

It is neither a love story, nor a medical journal, but is a perfect mix of both.


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