A Dark Heart Within a Darker Game

How easy is it to create a story that is  not only intriguing but also shocking enough that you hold your breath waiting to see the end?

Not an easy question, especially to those who haven’t written books like me. But I know of an author who can weave the magic of mystery through words.

Name: Nothing Lasts Forever  (Click on the link to be lead to the Amazon Page)

Author:  Vish Dhamija 

Publishers: Srishti Publishers

ISBN:  9789380349244

nothinglasts.jpg    Description:

In this book, the story starts with the death of a well settled and hard-working guy named Raaj who is successful as a financial adviser. His wife, who works for the retail marketing for a bank, flies in from Singapore, so heart wretched and broken after losing her husband. The Inspector in-charge has suspicions regarding the manner of death, as the apartment was burned removing all the evidence. The only suspects were the victim’s wife and a mutual friend between the wife and husband. So naturally evidence pops up branding the dazzling model who is a mutual friend as the prime suspect.

Somehow the case reaches a dead end and the DNA test confirms Raaj’s identity.The case is closed.

Years later when the stock market takes a nose dive the Inspector is once again brought to the trail of Raaj’s death and this time the dots and connect and show a whole new story. A mysterious death, tumbling stock market, a fake company, a dead friend and the cops on heel……..

My Take:

Generally stories that start off with unwanted build up really annoy me. So the beginning to this book too did annoy me until the police investigation started. But when the investigation hits a cold end, I’m totally confused. The story of the wife continues as if nothing is wrong. I learnt too much of retail marketing here as all there is in the story is how the wife overcame the grief of the death of her husband and started a braver and stronger life…….

Until there comes a point when the stock market tumbles down and a whole new story riding in parallel emerges out wrecking the old one, tearing the illusion cast by the boring story of a widow. As each crime surfaces, friends turn into foes and reality slaps the faces of everyone powerful.

Brilliantly executed plot and a tale written so well that it left me feeling so stupid in the end. So a rating of 3.5/5!

This is the second book which I’ve read from the same author. The first was :Bhendi Bazaar .

That was really scary and shocking, while this book was pretty mild and boring for the first part. The story lines are completely different and so is the pace. This book was slow-paced and people like me who don’t understand marketing strategies and stuff, are likely to stop reading after few chapters. That’s the only negative point. But if you hold onto the story and read it till the end, the satisfaction is well worth it!


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