If I Stay

We are Humpty Dumpty and all these king’s horses and king’s men cannot put us back together again

  • Mia (If I stay)

There are times when I read a book to start crying, just because the book makes me feel the emotions of the character in such depth that I’m totally lost into their world. Even if that book is made into a movie and the movie made a whole lot of people cry, I still read the book first, why? Because I needed to read the words out of the page to feel it. I’m crazy, I know.

Name: If I Stay  (Click on the name to be directed to the Amazon page)

Author: Gayle Forman 

Description: (For those unfortunate to view the trailer)

The story of If I Stay revolves around a girl named Mia who is a cellist and is happy with her life until a slippery road on a snowy day shatters her life. In a matter of seconds, she is an orphan, in coma.

But somehow her spirit is extracted out her body and she moves around in the ghost like state, where she is capable of hearing and witnessing every conversation around her. When she gets to know that it is her call, regarding whether to stay or to leave, she is confounded with various situations and people who want her in their life. To fight or not to fight becomes the question that decides her future.

My Take:

Warning: The book is very sad, so keep a box of tissues nearby. I didn’t cry though, except for few drops that fell on the pillow, not counted.

Here are the things that made this book really sweet and amazing for me:

  • The protagonist is a good girl (How rare is that!). She is sweet, observant and the kind of girl you want as your daughter.
  • The lead guy is a perfect cliché. But no sins, as it is his role to be the nice guy.
  • Story is unique as it takes the dive to death first and starts the flashback in a series of stories from Mia’s memories. I liked this part the most. Isn’t it true, how often we ignore everything that is plain and average while living and then miss it when we are at the peak of losing it?
  • The story revolves around music.
  • Super amazing parents, book deserves a bonus point.
  • The story brings out various perspectives of the characters that try to support the protagonist and hope to make her stay. It’s something where the real test of relationships are done. Whether it be your grandmother or be it your best friend, they love you, so live a life treasuring them

This was pretty small read where there is only the emotions and memories driving through the reader. What I also felt was, If I had that choice, what would I do? Will I stay a cripple and orphan or choose to die? Then again, it never snows in my city and also I’m a house owl, I don’t go out in rains. The question is rather invalid in my case.

Anyway since this book was a cozy read I rate it 3/5 stars!


Author: dreambookreviews

Call me an owl, a worm or even a book parasite, for all those names define me! Along with an immense love for books, I also love music, though I don't play any instrument or sing. Cooking and travelling are other things that I absolutely love.

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