Secretly Yours

“What’s so beautiful about it?” I asked. “It’s an everyday sight”.

She continued gazing at the sky in admiration. Then she turned to me. “Isn’t it odd?” she said. “Just because it’s an everyday sight we don’t appreciate it.”


“Imagine if a blind person could see just for a couple of minutes. How would he feel about this sight?”

  • Secretly Yours

Have you read or watched twilight? Well, how about an Indian version of the story? Wait till you hear out the details of the book, don’t jump to conclusion of sparkly vampires, they don’t make an appearance.

Name: Secretly Yours  (Click on the link to be directed to Amazon page)

Author:  Vikrant Khanna 

Publishers: Penguin

ISBN: 9780143425915



Sahil is a young boy of seventeen who thinks that life has been unfair to him taking away his parents at his birth, leaving him to blame for their deaths and in the care of grandmother. He finds life a purgatory and existence mundane. He thinks that death can give solace that life cannot give.


A day comes when he meets the most beautiful girl of his life, Anya.

Coincidentally, Shilma also witnesses  a serial killer, murdering men brutally and castrating their corpses.

Life goes on beautifully for Sahil, but little did he know her secrets. She tries to change his mind about life in general and how to treasure it. On the way Sahil falls deeply in love with Anya, but circumstances lead him into a terrible accident.

This accident gives him one super power, the power to be able to read minds. Now he has another way to pry into Anya’s secrets and find out the truth about her existence.

My take:

I know, I made a reference to twilight, but no, Anya is not a vampire.

Then why relate to it? I’ll go in detail about the book and why I make stupid comments at times.

  • The story starts with death, which is the new “start here” point for the living. (Sarcasm included).
  • Protagonist is a typical bad boy who drinks (at the age of seventeen, I think there was a drinking age in my country. Times do change pretty quickly!), smokes and has all the evils. He is the kind of person you end up detesting and is obsessed with death. (you can hate him now).
  • A super achieving brother and a cousin amazing sister, mirroring the incapability of the protagonist to be anything better in life.
  • Protagonist is guitarist and a writer, Hmmm where have I heard this before? Wait Bollywood!
  • Protagonist is blamed for everything bad happening in every otherthaa character’s life cliché.
  • Love story enters!! **Claps**
  • Hero’s love interest has too many secrets and disappears at critical moments. The reader can guess the story next with support provided by news reports that states that there had been brutal murders in Shimla.

Then the story takes supernatural turns and somewhere the story is both absurd and interesting in a way. It’s like one wants to see where the story will go next. Also the story recounts the individual stories of all the characters, bringing in a lot of depth to the story and the plot. This is one reason where the reader can just fall into the story.

The story makes the reader think on life and death, it’s consequences and the perspectives of those left behind. It shows the regrets that a person may have if he has degraded the luxuries of life and has committed heinous crimes. This story gives a really good moral and I think all sins can be forgiven for that account alone. The story has the perfect ending that it can possibly ask for. So not a total waste, though read the book when you have some spare time. It is definitely better than Twilight and has the Indian touch to it.

Thus considering everything I rate this book a 3.5/5!


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