When Strangers meet..

Recently I came across many books which orient themselves in the romance or love stories category. I was wondering, “what happened to those stories that talked about life in general?”  That’s when I felt, no, the next book by an Indian author that I’m going to read should not have love as the center plot.

Do you know how difficult it is search a book like that?? My country is amazing in that aspect. All the books I found had some form of love, if not anything, just having pets and loving them included.

So the I changed my criteria, let me find a book that isn’t stupidly in love where the story is different at least. That’s when I came across “When Strangers Meet..”

Name: When Strangers Meet (Click on the name to be directed to the Amazon page)

Author:  K. Hari Kumar  

Publisher: Srishti

whenstar.jpg Description:

This is the story of three people who meet because fate brings them together. The story starts with Jai Sharma, a teenager with huge temper tantrum runs away from his house.

He comes to a metro station and waits at the station lounge. There he meets Hussain Ansari, a tea vendor who won the lottery.

But there is no interaction between them. While waiting, Jai meets Iyer. Iyer tells his life story to Jai, which Jai realizes as his own story. The story makes an impact on Jai so that he views his life from a different perspective. He finds himself thinking over his actions and decisions. Did he do a mistake? Is the sufferings of his parents justified? Was his ego worth the pain?

My Take:

The story is quite simple and plain. The writing is easy to understand and the story is not generic. It is taken from a common household story, woven into an intricate design and made into a perfect blanket that the readers can slip into.

Though really amazing the book does use all the Bollywood tricks  that one can think of.

  • Protagonist a typical bad boy who wants to go to Mumbai to become a superstar.
  • Fate causes meeting with unexpected people with same or similar past.
  • The dramatic life of Krishnaprasad Iyer
  • Reference to stereotypical Tamilians and clubbing every South Indian as Tamilian. (I’m pretty touchy about that)
  • Reference to Rajnikanth and Thalaivar.
  • Female lead falls for the uneducated, temperamental  and egoistic lead guy.
  • Protagonist has the antagonist as father, and subject of being a villain: MATHEMATICS. (I don’t like the protagonist, because math is nice)
  • Protagonist runs away from home and the repetition of previously narrated sequence appears.
  • Dramatic change of life for the protagonist but a guy who believes in supernatural stuff and doesn’t visit his parents.
  • Parent on death-bed.

I think I did miss a few, but it doesn’t matter, you get the idea where it is heading. But there are a few twists to the story that you don’t expect and that is what keeps the reader going as the story proceeds.

That’s why I rate this book 3/5 stars!.


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