The Glass Sword


Everyone knows that Red Queen was an instant hit among the new generation. But a question burned when Glass Sword came out. Will it be as amazing as the Red Queen?

Will it make Red Queen seem like nothing?

Will it shatter the hopes?




Name: The Glass Sword (Click on the link to be diverted to Amazon page)

Author:  Victoria Aveyard 

Publishers: HarperTeen.


After the betrayal of prince Maven in the first book and a trail which Cal and Mare overcame, the story continues with Mare being taken to the Colonel, who has taken up the control from Farley, after her disastrous incident in the first book. The whole Barrow family is reunited but Mare has another mission: to save people like her, the newbloods.

But Mare and Cal seem to have entered a new prison when they stepped into Tuck. Somehow they break free and start recruiting newbloods. But Maven is not stupid. He leaves a trail of bodies for Mare to see and feel responsible for. Every dead body is a message that signifies Mare to turn herself.

What will Mare do? Will she be able to find and save the newbloods? Will she build an army? Or will she bow to the cruel prince’s wishes?

Take a look at the trailer by Epic Reads:

My take:

glasssword The second book of the series was very similar to Hunger Games. Here the prey has turned predator and thus an impending war looms over the horizon.

Maven is the only character that still remains same. Rest all have developed so well and they have changed gradually from victims to defenders.

The major difference in the first and second book apart from the obvious is that the story overtone is pretty serious and not a lot of Silver houses are seen. The focus is on newbloods. Other than the main characters, the story is taking a slow turn towards unknown territory. Also, the military stuff seemed rather boring becauseglasssword4   I expected more of super abilities and more training sessions. But the story takes a dive directly into the war rather than how they survive their training period. That was something I thought could have made better.

Lastly, cliffhanger!!!! I hate it with all my heart!

Now the wait begins……

Until the next book releases…..


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