The Silver-Red blood

redqueen  What can I tell that the whole world has not yet said?

That I broke a promise for this book? Yes, that’s the only thing I guess.

My promise was that I would never ever review a book that is pretty famous and has a huge fan following of its own.

I shall break it when I talk about this book.


redqueen4 Name: Red Queen (Click on the name to be re-directed to Amazon page)

Author: Victoria Aveyard 

Publishers: HarperTeen


In a whole new world by Victoria Aveyard, the world is divided into Silvers, the people with silver blood and special abilities and Reds, people with red blood and worthy enough to be slaves.

Out of these Reds, emerges Mare Barrow, the girl with red blood but silver abilities, taking the world by surprise. She is then hidden from the world as Mareena Titanos, a Silver born noble and betrothed to the second prince of Calore.

But lies and deception, torture and pain divert the story in a new direction, bringing in thousands of victims  and betrayal by one who stole her heart away.

Will Mare rise as the Red Queen, fighting the world? or is she in for a bitter surprise that can end her life?

Watch the trailer by epic reads here:

My Take:

Such an amazing book! It was so good that the minute I finished this, I took up the next book: The Glass Sword. (Which I shall review next). The starting of the story made me get the “Hunger games” vibe, don’t know why considering both are pretty much different.

Also, it gave me a Pokemon vibe too, for there were so many Silvers with amazing abilities.

I shouldn’t be diverting. So the story is something so magical that you can start reading and simply dive into it. You won’t even realize that you are reading the book like tomorrow shall never come. Anything else I say will not make much difference. The book was really amazing and a must read for all YA fans out there!




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