Review: Let The Game Begin!

History is one subject that has the power of sweeping us into its pages before we can understand what is happening. What about mythology? What happens when the history of chess meets the mythology behind it?

Name: LET THE GAME BEGIN! (Click on the name to be redirected to the Amazon page).

Author:  Sandeep Sharma

Publishers: Inspire India Publishers

ISBN: 978-9385783463

Take a look at the trailer here:

Description of Let the Game Begin!:

The story began 4000 years ago when two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt, separated by a mystic mountain range are at war. Chaturang eventually wins in the war.

Unfortunately….. let the game begin

It loses the only heir, killing the kingdom from within itself. That story ends right there. At least that’s what the history suggests.

The unknown fact is that a mysterious man from the mountain descended to help the king of Chaturanga to recreate the battle that took his son away. There a bitter truth is revealed….

Present day:

People are falling dead like leaves from a tree in autumn. The only clue regarding the killer- the intricately carved chess pawns and a message that says “Let The Game Begin!”.

The police are baffled and they will have to go back through the history and mythology to the very origins of Chess to find the truth about the Chess Killer. This was never meant to be a game, it was war!

My review of Let The Game Begin:

The story, in the beginning, feels like it was written by Ashwin Sanghi. Why did I do such a comparison? Because his book The Krishna Key was my benchmark for a mythological thriller in India. Until Let The Game Begin. It is wrong to compare both as both are very different and each one of them is unique in their own aspect.

Coming back to Let The Game Begin, I had a great time reading this book. Writing a mystery is hard, but a mystery with a mythological background is harder. So from my point of view, this is how the story proceeds:

  • Random killings where the victim is found with a parcel containing a chess piece and a message is found. The message stating “Let The game begin!”.
  • Every clue leads to a dead-end in the first inspection due to police searching only the  motive.
  • A historian named Dinesh Gandhi is brought in to assist in decoding the mysterious message left by the killer.
  • This historian helps find clues towards the mysterious killer.

This is the basic layout but not the whole story. This is where things turn crazy and the mystery comes close to the people in search of truth. The truth buried by historians comes out in bits and pieces. The truth regarding the game called CHESS is waiting to come out.

Will the killer be successful? How many people should die before the killer is satisfied? Will the police capture the killer? chess.jpg

To find the answers, order your book today! Okay Okay, I’m sorry. I understand how it feels to take a peek and end with that statement but I’m honest when I say read that book. It was really good. There were a few situations where I was very confused, but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

So considering all of this I rate this book 3.75/5! A total entertainer but one thing that made me sad, the story doesn’t end here. Have to wait for the next book….

Waiting until then……


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