Review: The Seventh Cup

It’s very rare a book can confuse me, in a good sense, and makes me think about the plot. It’s even rarer when the book has a story that shocks me and makes me say “Oh My God!”

Finally, the rarest thing that can happen to me is having nothing to say about a book other than “AMAZING!!!”

Without further ado, here is the book that has stopped me from speaking too much.

Name: The Seventh Cup (To buy The Seventh Cup, click on the name)

Author:  Nitesh Kumar Jain


Description of THE SEVENTH CUP:


The story will not find justice if I try to provide a description. I have a feeling I would spoil the suspense of it. I will still try to do my best without giving away any spoilers.

This a love story, a crime story, a suspense story, a mystery story and a story that you wouldn’t expect. It starts off slowly with a love story. Then comes the history and archaeology lessons. Slowly there is a glimpse into story inside a story and a play inside a story. I’m not making sense.

So let me go again.

The story revolves around a Swiss girl gone missing. One detective, one exchange student, one maniac.

They all come together to search the girl with all their heart.

The first person, aka, detective Susanne,  tries to search for the missing girl based on the past and the words of the maniac.

The second person, aka, Riya, searches her dear and close friend based on the instinct and the Universal law of Attraction. It’s her faith and friendship that brings her all the way from Goa to Swiss in search of her friend.

The third person, aka, the maniac, Avinash is the guy madly in love with the missing girl, Verona. Their story starts in Goa but later the story takes a flight and reaches Zurich.

Entry another suspect. The missing girl’s boyfriend. Kevin 1. (What’s with the weird name? Find out in the book)

What happened to Verona? Which is the story that leads to the truth? Where is Verona?

My review of THE SEVENTH CUP:

This story is so intricately woven that even a single description can reveal everything or make it into a confusing knot. There is a fine balance between the characters which are so complexly developed. What made the story really amazing for me was its plot

It seems like the story talks about mundane stuff. In the end, when everything is unwrapping that’s when I felt like throwing buckets of water over my head for not realizing the truth and where the story was heading. Not a single guess can help you in stating “I know where it goes”.

Though there was a point where I felt it was a tad bit boring. The part where the story starts repeating and retracing. You can understand this only if you read the book. What a state! I am robbed out of words!

Altogether, this is a story which is very similar in the lines of Gone Girl. An exception is that the lead is not a crazy woman. Also one more thing. The story makes use of science, religion and a close concept of energy and matter. If you don’t find the relevance of this at the beginning, keep patience. You will eventually find all the answers.

Overall the book was an amazing read and I rate it 4.5/5 cups of coffee with lots of milk and sugar! I thank the Author and Anuj Kumar for providing this book in exchange for an honest review. I seriously loved it and hope everyone reads this soon! (I wouldn’t mind if it was made into a movie either!)


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