Review: Rukhsat

Emotions are like a tree. One stems from another leading to a myriad of emotions. There is no exact moment one knows regarding the initial budding of such emotions, but at a later stage, every moment in life is driven by it.

When talking about such emotions, it is hard to relate to short stories. Then again nothing is impossible.

Name: Rukhsat The Departure (Click on the name to buy) rukhsat

Author:  Sujit Banerjee

Publishers: Frog Publishers

Description of Rukhsat The Departure:

Emotions are the root to many stories. These stories from one perspective form the foundation for each of the twenty-six short stories in this book. Most of them are taken from the darker depths and rest are of little lighter shade. Few of them are from the story written from varying perspectives. That’s the uniqueness of  this book.

My review of Rukhsat The Departure:

I had chills while reading this book. There were times when I didn’t want to read further but curiosity would get the better of me and then I would start reading once again.

One thing about the book is it’s interesting enough to make the reader feel scared, elated, chilled to the bone and everything in and around with its words. It is not a “bad book”. Infact it is really good. However, this book is not suitable for young readers and orthodox readers. This might give you a heart attack if you are very orthodox in what you read.

There were times when I literally loved the story and cried along with few of them. I could understand the characters so well as it was written pretty well and depth was provided to make the experience more amazing.

Being the very first short story book I’m reviewing, I will give it 4/5 stars for the thoughts that went into writing it and every emotion being highlighted. I thank the author and Nishant Joshi, for providing me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for this book has changed my perspective about the world!



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