Review: Super Women

” A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”

  • Diane Mariechild

I am someone who grew up looking at my mother being a super-hero, managing household chores and working as a high-school teacher. She was the only person who I always trusted to tell all my secrets and share all my thoughts with. Whenever I ask her, “Amma, Why don’t you quit the job and stay at home?”, she replies patiently that she likes working not because of the money, she likes working for the peace it gives her in knowing that she is shaping the future through her words.

Now you may start wondering, why did I talk about my mother after a long hibernation.

The truth…

I read a book a week ago that I wanted to review when I get time { which I eventually didn’t}. That book brought out twenty such women who are super amazing like my mother and stand as a beacon of hope to all the young girls out there.

Without further delay, here comes Super Women by Prachi Garg.

Name: Super Women (Click on the link to buy the book)

Author : Prachi Garg

ISBN: 9382665633

Publishers: Srishti Publications

super women  Description:

Twenty Super Women, twenty amazing stories of inspiration, motivation, and dedication, twenty ventures that women have ruled and rocked, twenty aspects that make heads turn and twenty new concepts that have established themselves in the industry.

All of us know women are emerging out of their shells and heading into the big ocean called the corporate rat race. However, we know nothing about the mindset they are in when they start with an idea or a venture. The apathy they receive and the challenges that they face falls short when the victory stands next to them.

This book by Prachi Garg gives an insight into the lives of twenty women entrepreneurs and the stories of their motivation and inspiration.

My review on Super Women:

A few words on this book is not fair for the Author, as a lot of work has gone into research and interviews. I personally loved few of the ventures because I can relate to them and from the point of a woman, I find the perspectives of few ventures really fascinating.

The best part though,

Inspiration and the motivation behind each of those strong women.

We had a workshop in college regarding women of worth, their efforts, and dedication to both jobs and personal life. Even with real life people there, I couldn’t connect to their words. The women in this book are not like that. True they are graduates from a university abroad and they have the strongest support system, but they have stood in turns that could have taken them any direction. That’s what interested me in.

There was one thing I would have liked better,

The book should have elaborated on the challenges faced by these women and how they overcame it. Every woman will have to face many such problems. This description would have helped many in its own way, making them feel that they are not alone and they are in the right direction.

Thus considering all that I give 3.75/5 stars!

With that, I will go back to hibernation after sending a package full of apologies to the author and Anuj Kumar who had trusted me with such an amazing book and I ended up delaying it.I’m so sorry for that. I’m also grateful for them for providing me this book in exchange for an honest review.


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