Review: Her Resurrection

God gives the most devastating of battles to the strongest and bravest of His warriors. When the fog of war settles in their lives, there is reborn a beautiful person filled with compassion, kindness and a deep loving concern. They constitute the most wonderful people of humankind, wielding the power to change the world.

  • Damien (Her Resurrection)

Even when I’m hiding under the aegis of college work, some books remind me of where I started out my journey. One such book is Her Resurrection.

Name: Her Resurrection (Click on the link to buy)

Author:  Soumyadeep Koley

Publication: Gargi Publication

ISBN: 9789384382087

her resurrection.jpg  Description of Her Resurrection:

The story is of a young girl who is full of joy, dreams, and sunshine. It is the story of a girl who wants learn instead of being married off as a burden to the family. It is the story of a girl who loses everything in a single night: Her father, her mother and herself.

It is the story of a girl who falls prey to the sick society that people don’t witness. It is the story of a girl who fights for her dreams even with the hardships. It is the story of a girl who emerges from the flames after being burnt and betrayed by the people she trusts.

With so much to tell, based on the real-life incident, the story turns into the journey of a girl named Maya who struggles to reach the pinnacle of life after a lot of swimming through deepest and darkest dungeons of the country to reach out to the sunlight of hope and happiness. Will she be the same innocent girl who started out on this journey or will she break under the pressure of the society and what the society makes out of her?

Take a look at the small trailer that tells the story of Maya, all on its own:


My Review of Her Resurrection:

My honest opinion when I first started reading was : It is a slap of reality into the face of every woman out there to read about the conditions of another woman and the challenges she faces in her life. The way the Soumyadeep Koley has brought about the story of Maya, made me cry at situations wondering how can someone totally dictate another person’s life?

“You are the daughter of the same God, whose son is I. If a person thinks another person is dirty, he is ignoring God’s beating heart.”

The second part of the book where Maya literally awakens from the flames of hardships was perfectly brought out in a subtle way but in a really effective way. Each chapter was power packed making the reader think twice before moving ahead. As a woman, the book was really a motivation and inspiration to everyone and an eye-opener to people like me who are unaware of the cruel world outside.

The best part of the book..

The innocence of Maya and how she keeps her dream alive. Every person she meets gives her a new perspective of life and every other person validate a reason for her to live so as to search for the purpose of her existence. That was the most thoughtful and meaningful thing that one can derive from this book! Hence I rate this book 4/5 stars!

No amount of apologies can make up for the fact that I have delayed reading such an amazing book. I thank the Author Soumyadeep Koley, and Nishant Joshi for providing me this book in exchange for an honest review. I learnt a lot from this and this book will always be close to me!


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