Review: Destiny of Shattered Dreams

One reason to read this book:

“Truth has many versions for it, your version may be different from my version”

  • Atul Malhotra (Destiny of Shattered Dreams)

What’s so special about this statement?

Read it from the perspective of a criminal who murdered someone, laundered money and shattered the dreams of many people.

The moment you read the word “criminal” I’m sure this statement brought disgust to you. Or made you think. For me, it did both.

So without further ado, here comes: Destiny of Shattered dreams.

Name: Destiny of Shattered Dreams (Click on the link to buy)

Author: Nilesh Rathod

Publication: Rupa Publications

ISBN: 978-81-291-3975-7



So here is how the story goes:

Atul Malhotra is a hot-shot entrepreneur whose company TTL is flying high with success. Soon obstacles start springing up and Atul starts to choose between lesser evils. The life takes quick turns and he takes the road of the devil.

The turn shifts, game changes, people leave, the story turns into nightmare, wrongs are the right thing to do and thus TTL rises on the foundation of blood.

Fate can protect him for only so long as he is controlling the game.

The CBI gets a sniff of Atul’s work and soon get latch onto him. There begins the downfall of an empire. All the hard work and good intention go unheard in the noise of the wrong.

Here is the story of Atul Malhotra. Here is the story of every person bending before of the evil. Here is the story that teaches everyone a lesson.

If you want to take a glimpse into Atul’s world, here it is:

My take on Destiny of Shattered Dreams:

shattered-dreams-compressor The story initially gave a good suspense start with the right amount of “What will happen next?”

Slowly it became an industry jargon of sorts with a manual for how to run a company.

Just when I taught the book was becoming boring, I realize the author meant the reader to feel that way, because the best part was yet to come. He wanted the reader to fall into the trap of feeling monotonous so that when Atul takes few decisions, the reader should keep up with the count of right and wrongs.

So here are few reasons to read this book:

  • Amazing story
  • Manual to run a company
  • Learn about decisions, the right ones and the wrong ones.


The one thing that I felt was perfect in the book was:

To build a company it doesn’t take a lot, however in that lot, there is one key factor, taking the right path for right intentions.

Take one of them out of the equation and the whole thing falls apart.

The other thing that made me love the book is:

The ending.

I couldn’t think of any better way to conclude. I loved it so much that I must have read it around five times. 100% perfect ending.

So with all that I rate the book  4/5 stars! I thank Author Nilesh Rathod for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review and thank Goodreads for the giveaway!



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