Review: When Love Finds You

Everyone has a “choice”. A choice to live and a choice to love.

After a long time, I felt like a goblin hitting a goldmine!

At the first look of 300 odd pages, I expected six days to read this book that hooked me with its excerpt. Somehow, two days later I’m holding the last page of it and asking

“Now what?”

Want to know the book behind that reaction?

Here comes: When Love Finds You

Author: Yashodhara Lal

Publishers: Harlequin

ISBN: 978-93-5264-084-3


Description of When Love Finds You:

The protagonist is a kick ass corporate Hitler, who makes for a nightmare for the rest of the sales team. Her good name Natasha. She is strict, punctual, meets her targets( even if she has to drain the blood of her executives before the month end!) . She is one person you wouldn’t want to cross paths with.

Then enters the ladies man, Rishab who flirts his way to the top. Natasha “actively hates” him even before he starts his mission of “Make Natasha’s life miserable”.

Also now is also the time when Nikhil, the silent charmer enters into the corporate love story. He has the brains and the skills that make Natasha swoon.

More than the office drama, Natasha is experiencing her own demons come to life with various past and present incidents catching up to her. The game of corporate targets is draining her.

However, she is not a person to give up.

How is she going to handle everything? How will her decisions affect all the three people? What is it that she has left behind in her past?


My take of “When Love Finds You”

If you are fed up with senseless love stories that start with puppy love and end with you wanting to tear the book, then wait no more! The book you have been waiting has arrived!

When I heard that this is a love story, I was pretty wary of it. I have had bad experiences with books that claim to be love stories.

Then I start with the excerpt that promises:

  • A super strong female protagonist = instant love!
  • No crap of Bollywood that involves the lead lady to wear white saree and dance in rain.
  • The author has poured cold water in the face with an honest corporate look and the work of  women in the position of power. That is a good thing. (And I’m not a judge of corporate wisdom)
  • There is no hideous villain. (Thank God for that). The story lets the reader take a stand and then unveils the good guy and the bad guy.
  • There is this super amazing cranky old neighbor of Natasha, who happens to be the sole character in everyone’s lives. I loved her the most in the book.

Then inside the book, I find some more love-worthy bits such as Dog love. I don’t know how the author brought about this piece without making the storyline weird. It was very beautiful.

Another such amazing thing is Mother and her love. Hadn’t expected it at all.

I can keep counting the good things and go on forever. Let me tell a few things that could have been changed to make better:

  • The story at some point feels like it is not flowing like it should have. There is something that lags the story. I couldn’t find it though.
  • Protagonist smokes. I find smokers to be crazy.
  • Fitness freak Natasha made me too much self-conscious. Maybe I should follow her diet routine as well. Note to self.
  • I wish Tisha had more appearance. I liked her.

wlfy2-compressor  So with that, I would love to conclude with a lot of love and gratitude for this amazing book. I had so much fun reading it and it took my mind of a lot of things.

Also, it is a light read and clean enough for anyone to read in public unlike the new trend of love stories.

Finally, the book that stands apart from the new age love stories and a great entertainer. It also has a message through the mistakes of Natasha and I think that is enough of me expressing so much about this book.

With a 4/5 star rating, I shall take my leave!


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