Review: Skyfire !!

A book containing a mystery, a bone chilling story, a suspense to be held and the solution to break free. Maybe that is how “amazing-time” is gift wrapped!

Book Name: Skyfire (Click on the name to see for yourself)

Author: Aroon Raman

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

ISBN: 978-93-82616-61-0


Description of Skyfire:

Set in  the year of 2012, the year which had made people wait with bated breaths to hear about the end of the world, India is being hit by freak accidents. “Freak” is not exactly the right word when you consider storms blasting into the cities in a gap of 5 minutes, weird lightning lingering longer than it should, messing with the electrical signals and communication systems around the affected area.

The crushing blow to the country comes in the form of epidemics that nobody had ever heard of. Meanwhile, in the background, street children start vanishing from their homes. With nobody to look for them, they are lost to the world.

Only one child starts a journey to find the truth which leads journalist Chandrasekhar, historian Meenakshi Pirzada and Officer Syed Ali Hassan to hunt for the boy, unraveling the greatest crime of all time.

A plan started out from the tables of high society of India leading the protagonist to a scary climax in Bhutan turns the blood to ice with its mysterious depths and crazy motivation. What does it take for one man to bring a nation to its knees?

Find out in Skyfire!

If you want, take a look at the amazing trailer here:

My take with Skyfire:

Let me just say this: Skyfire can make you forget to breathe. Be warned. Read at the comfort of your home. Also if it is raining then it is an added bonus!

More on the plot:

I haven’t read the Shadow Throne and directly jumped into Skyfire. It is a feel good factor that I could still grasp the story with the hints and clues left by the author regarding the first book.

The story takes on an exponential growth towards catastrophe from the initial pages itself, leaving no doubts regarding what is to be expected as the characters develop and the plot deepens. The tension in the pages is very visible and one might feel the walls closing in around as one dives deeper.

I personally loved the simple way the story is put across without any technical jargon. The plot is somewhat expected if you have watched a lot of Bollywood movies as it is easy to recognize that the moment you see too rich, too good person then either he is the hero or the villain.


There are some plot holes if one takes a closer look however it is not such a great sin to make some. It rather lets you think on how certain things could be changed to be made better.

The best part of the book is :

Its contrast between the simplicity of the language and the complexity of cross-border weather terrorism. I loved it completely.

The not-so-good part:

The story involves too much cruelty. Some of the things that the street children go through in this book made me nauseous. So there goes the warning: FOR BRAVE HEARTS ONLY!

Overall the book was an amazing read for a rainy day. Loved the way it broke the barriers in bringing suspense, crime, and mystery to a whole new level. As for a star rating,




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