Review: Passenger!

But should you leave on your own, know that I will go to the ends of the earth to bring you back

  • Nicholas Carter (Passenger)

I always dreamt that someday I  will travel to a distant place to witness the sands of dessert, to touch the snow and ice spread over the mountain peaks, to taste the salty sea as the waves crashes over the jagged stones, to gaze at the full moon at a Buddhist monastery and to breathe in the fresh air of an open meadow when the spring has just set in.

The ticket to this journey came from one book:

Name: Passenger  (Click on the name to buy)

Author: Alexander Bracken

Publisher: Quercus

alexandra-bracken-passenger Description of Passenger:

Etta is just a normal girl deeply involved with violin and waiting to give her debut. Her life takes a sudden turn when she overhears a conversation between her instructor Alice and her mother Rose.

Her life spins out of control when she loses her near and dear ones along with the place she grew up in and the time that she belonged to. She finds herself traveling not just to places but also to different times.

Nicholas is a guy from the eighteenth century, who belong to the powerful Ironwood family, however, isn’t legitimate to carry his father’s name. He is a mere step-brother to Julian who is destined to die on Nicholas’ watch. He is traveling in his time on a ship with a dream to own one for himself.

His duty: get his passenger to Cyrus Ironwood.

His moral: Don’t let his passenger die like Julian did.

His heart: Don’t let her go.

The second shift occurs when Etta meets Ironwood. She is thrust into the duty of finding a family heirloom that is powerful enough to change the past, present, and future, tearing away millions of lives and events that can actually save people.

However, Ironwood has a different set of plans, plans that require Etta to travel.

And where Etta goes, Nicholas goes.

From the midst of wars, jungles, revolution and desert, Etta takes on a journey that is perilous, heart racing and dangerous. What are the odds that she can save herself and her loved ones?

Come take a journey with Etta and Nicholas along the tides of time by being a passenger.

Take a look at the trailer right here:

My take on Passenger:


I had the passenger on my read list from the time my friends suggested it. I bought it nearly a two months ago but couldn’t invest time to read it.

Then Diwali happened.

I started reading it and couldn’t keep it down. I wouldn’t say that the book was an easy sail, however, the reading experience was amazing.

The story started in a normal YA style building the character to someone I like and would love to read more about. The protagonist, Etta is a headstrong girl who doesn’t cower when faced with a challenge.

Then Nicholas, I just love the way his character is developed. His confusions and his struggle with who he is and what he wants to be is something that was well written.

The best part was the journey to various places in various time periods.

There were times when the story seemed very monotonous, maybe that was because I couldn’t connect to a lot of places and a lot of situations. The story picks up the pace at some point and then there is no stopping the journey.

The pace is fast but written in a beautiful way. Overall the book deserves a 4/5 stars for all the imagination and the amazing places that I have virtually been to now.


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