Review: A Knotty Affair!

A love story will never go out reading trends, no matter which season the reader is holding on to. Not that I endorse love stories (A lot of you already know the way I treat them) however, I did like the title of this book and requested to read it.

Here comes, A Knotty Affair.

Name: A Knotty Affair (Click on the link to buy)

Author: Dhaval Birajdar Jinadatt

Publishers: Frog Books

ISBN: 978-93-52016-24-2

knottyaffair.jpg Description of A Knotty Affair:

A Knotty Affair narrates the story of Viraj, a guy who has gone through hardships of being from a poor background, having an inherent problem of stammering and immense lack of confidence.

Currently, he has overcome most of his past fears and troubles.

Or he assumes as much..

Until the past calls him on a wrong number and rips apart his present with the floodgates of the past.

His past holds an unhealed wound named Ruhi Khanna. When she waltzes back into Viraj’s life, what should he do? Should he face it and lay the pain to rest? Or should he ignore and move on?

That is one part of the story. There is another part where he has to defend the honor of his father in front of the whole world which defamed him and led him down a path that he couldn’t return from. To what lengths can a son go to defend his father?

My take on A Knotty Affair:

I have a mixed opinion about the book.

There is no match for a well-written plot and amazing narration. Which, in my opinion was lacking on both fronts with this book. The story was good, I’m not against that. However, there are million love stories out there that make some smile while making others weep. This book did neither of that for me. That was quite a letdown.

The editing was very poor as the story is narrated in the same way that a conversation occurs. That is rather irritating when you want to enjoy the story but end up finding mistakes on each and every page. That was a major hindrance while reading. That is also an avenue where newer editions can be developed and rectified.

The best part of the book was the character development.

Ruhi and Viraj are the focus of the book, however, there are other characters who associate themselves with the story and are developed well along the path.

During development, I did find that Viraj is an idiot. Characterizations such as these are what leads to women assuming men to be emotionally weak and desperate to find love. There are situations when Viraj does make himself strong, like the court scenarios. I feel good when I read the subtle strength of the character brought out in a way that the reader can take an example from.

I will not comment on the characterization of Ruhi as I am still in a dilemma of my own regarding her. I find her irritating and confused. I wish she was more sorted out rather than making a mess out of the story. Maybe, that is the reason the book is named “A Knotty Affair”. Now I get it.

So all together I rate the book 3/5! With a better editing the star rating could have been more.

I thank the author and Nishant Joshi for sending me this book. It was a light read for a heavy day!


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