Review: Raven Song!

Fantasy has a way of marking itself into the minds of the reader. The darker the magic runs, the colder the surrounding falls around the reader, pulling one into a trance-like state.

I felt exactly same while reading this amazing book ans without further ado, here comes Raven Song!

Name : Raven Song (Click on the link to buy)

Author: I.A. Ashcroft

Publisher: Lucid Dreams Publishing

ISBN: 978-1944674004

Description of Raven Song:

The year 2147. The world as we knew it has long past changed. The bombing has scraped whatever was left of the environment, making the world a toxic hub.

In this scenario, lives a well hidden secret, named Jackson Dovetail. A man kept in dark about his own life and the powers he wields over himself.

Then arrives a catalyst to his search: Anna Mathews. A woman from the past. Past in terms of hundred years. She time traveled and ended up in a dome covered world where magic is banned, wielding a power so different from the ones yet known to Coalition or the Order.

What does it take for both of them to find who they are and more importantly what they are?

What is stopping Jackson from breaking free from his past? Why bring Anna to this year, after she realizes that she had played past death in the year 2022?

What is that force that drives them from the hands of the Order and Coalition?

And finally what do the ravens sing to them?

My description of the Raven Song:

Before that you may want to visit the author’s website for a quick excerpt to see if the Raven Song sings to you, just as it did to me. Click right here.

When I started with the book, I felt it was pretty normal to use a dystopian setting for a dark magic oriented book. Then the first shock arrived when they started talking about radiation and the year being 2147. Sci-Fi kissed magic right in front of my eyes!

So the point I’m trying to make here is that the Author did a good job mixing ice and fire. In a believable way.

The story is set in a very dark way and there is too much of death in and around the book. One can  feel it right out with the words. The dreams and shadows are the deeper story builders that enable the reader to fall in this endless pit of darkness.

The crazy part is that the story switches from present and past of Jackson very abruptly. It shows his mental state as  the switching happens and glimpses of his past and hallucinations dictate the flow of the story. That is something that confused me a lot.

Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty much a thrilling ride waiting with bated breath as the story bound itself tighter and the past resurfaced. Somewhere in the story-line the reader can make the connection of what is happening. It is rather hard to trust your instinct as the antagonist seems like a raving lunatic!

The magic was not up to the level I had imagined, however the stage is set for more magic to make its appearance in the next book. Oh yes, it shall have a sequel. So a heads-up!

The writing is really amazing as it depicts everything one undergoes in the times of disaster and confusion. Every blow is hard and not softened to make the reading easier. There are times when I didn’t want to read about the death, however I just did. It was totally worth it.

Another amusing thing is that considering a book focusing on magic, I didn’t expect the raven to be on neutral end. I always thought that bird to be crazy, lunatic and villainistic.

Overall the book was a pretty good read and I loved reading it. It felt like I was sitting in a room where the falls were slowly converging on me and the darkness sweeping over me. Do not forget the chill that made my teeth chatter while reading few of the sequences.

This book is definitely not for children and not for realistic people. For Fiction and fantasy lovers, a definite read. I rate the book a 3.99/5 stars!

Author: dreambookreviews

Call me an owl, a worm or even a book parasite, for all those names define me! Along with an immense love for books, I also love music, though I don't play any instrument or sing. Cooking and travelling are other things that I absolutely love.

One thought on “Review: Raven Song!”

  1. Thank you for your kind words on this awesome blog—it’s a honor to know you enjoyed my strange, dark story so much. I can’t wait to share the sequel with you and everyone else! There will be much more magic to come. Also, you’re not the first to express some surprise at the non-villainous role of the ravens; I admit I’m in love with these creatures and, if you or any other readers here are interested, I wrote a quick piece about the role of ravens in myth, history, and story. This knowledge informed how they appeared in this tale very much. You can find it as a guest post on the To Read or Not To Read blog I hope you enjoy it!

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