Review: Confused Bastards!

Great dreams come at a cost. Some cost you peace of mind yet some others cost you your fame. However, those dreams are worth it all. Fight for it, in a way that the world stops and watches you rise.

Unique stories don’t just happen. They are made. Preferably drunk and cursing at life when it shows you the place that you need to stand in.

Well, that’s the new version of “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Or so.

Recently, I had been to a lit fest Indian institute of Management, Bangalore to witness the biz lit festival. There a question was raised as to why there was no start-up fiction. Then the various authors chose to answer in various ways.

The one I liked the most was “Start-up stories never belong to the category of fiction.”

What is it about the start-up wave?

Well, I had this amazing opportunity to be a part of few start-ups and I’ve seen the energy that builds the dreams and brings out shattering innovation. I saw a glimpse of the beauty within the walls of a mind struggling to sort through the ups and downs of entering into the market.

So the when this book ended up on my shelf, I had no choice other than reading it with all my heart.

Name: Confused Bastards

Author: Manav Vigg

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-82665-77-9

confused-bastards Description of Confused Bastards:

When three friends, frustrated of their miserable existence get drunk, their story starts with a big bang.

Akash, the creative genius who is in search of success finds himself getting closer to his dream.

Jai, the brain which brought about the revolution, thanks to his torturous manager finds himself in a dream-like life.

Vivek, the peace-loving poor chap finds himself on an exciting journey.

All this happens because the trio creates a website for all the miserable and frustrated people out there to share their unabashed and unadulterated opinion regarding anything and everything.

The website was an instant hit among people and took them to unimaginable heights.

However, good things don’t last forever…

The dream turns into a nightmare within the snap of the finger …

The trio comes crashing down from their high and ends up in prison.

Moreover, they tumble into a confused abyss…

What next?

Will they make it back up? Or are they lost somewhere in this start-up wave?


Take a look at what Manav Vigg himself had to say. Since the video is old, I will not vouch for the campaign in the end.

My take on Confused Bastards:

The story has a normal beginning with the perspectives of the three friends and their opinions. Eventually, the story takes few small twists and turns and boom!

You are amidst a freaking start-up wave!


No, sorry. It doesn’t happen like that.

The idea pops into the story and starts directing it slowly. The flow seems to increase in speed and there comes a point where the story is completely fast paced and super exciting.

In the way it climbs up to Euphoria, it comes crashing down the next minute.

The crash is expected. However, the climb back up is sweet.

At first, I thought just like Akash and it felt very much like an idiocy.

Slowly one gets into the flow and it doesn’t seem so stupid anymore. It becomes more fun and enjoyable. Not a single moment feels too heavy or philosophical.

That’s the best part of the book.

The writing is very simple and one can directly plunge into the story. The characters are well-developed and they are highly relatable. You can either feel like Jai, Akash or Vivek. There is a slot for all the beautiful women who support crazy men and that happens to be Sneha.

Overall, the book was a good, fun read. I thank Tushti Bhatia and the author for sending me this book. I enjoyed reading it!

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